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Posted: Jan 03, 2011

It seems that the default folder setting is 'No Folder' - that's where my email imports go.

Posted: Feb 07, 2010
From Topic: Tips needed

I treat Toodledo as a place to store all current tasks and projects. Then each day I quickly scan the list and add a star to the things I want to do that day. I check the starred list to see the total time required. If it's more than the time available, I cut some items out - a good exercise in realism! If there is time to spare, I can select a project for extra attention. The result is my working list for the day.

Doing this means I don't need to waste time during the day, scanning and re-scanning my list, trying to decide what to do next. To me it seems better to make a decision at the top of the day and then concentrate on the work itself.

This probably goes against the advice of TM systems such as GTD and Autofocus, but that is the beauty of Toodledo - it can be used in so many different ways!

Posted: Feb 06, 2010


Have you considered Chandler?

'Chandler is an open source note-to-self organizer designed for personal use and small group collaboration. Chandler comprises a desktop application, sharing service and web application.' (from Chandler FAQ)


AFAIK it has all the features you list. It can be run purely offline - the web application is optional.

Might be worth taking a look.

Posted: Feb 06, 2010

I use tags for people I need to hold discussions with - I list the items for discussion, like an agenda, with their name as the tag.

I also use tags for places I will be and the things that can only be done in those places - this is not like GTD contexts, more likely to be geographical locations - I spend time in several different cities each month.

It is tempting to over-use tags - I did this when I was using Things and ended up with unmanageable lists - so now I just keep to these two categories.

Posted: Jan 02, 2010

Hi Julie,

For your first question, you should take a look at this post:


If you follow the instructions, you can have the tabbed headings (Folders, Contexts, etc) as a list on the left hand side of the screen.

You need to use Firefox for this to work and to have your TD screen in multi-line format, not grid. Provided you can live with that, it makes a very nice screen layout - I use it all the time now.

Sorry, I can't help with your second question. But I would like to be able to keep the same order too - maybe someone else will enlighten us both!


Posted: Dec 15, 2009

If you want to plan out your day, try using Due Time as well as Due Date. It doesn't have to be too precise - just grouping tasks, by the hour, is enough to let you see the order of the day.

This is not in keeping with GTD, but sometimes it's more useful just to schedule work than to keep reviewing lists. Maybe it depends how fast moving your life is! There are pros and cons each way.


Posted: Dec 14, 2009

I've decided to take a 30 day trial and see how it goes.

Thanks for the advice!


Posted: Dec 11, 2009

Thanks for the reply, Proximo.

I can see the usefulness of sub-tasks for projects. Listing next actions only can be a bit frustrating - sometimes I really need to see further ahead! At the moment, I add further steps as notes to the next action, but then I have to copy them again and there is a risk they'll get deleted, so I am looking for a better way.

I just don't want to over-complicate things.


Posted: Dec 11, 2009

Mark Forster has a good method for dealing with this situation. He recommends a three step approach:

1) Isolate the backlog

2) Get the system for handling new stuff sorted

3) Keep working away at the backlog

So, if you are using Toodledo, create a folder called 'Backlog' and move all the old tasks there. Keep them separate from new stuff, which can go into your usual folders. One of the new tasks should be 'Review Backlog'. The priority is to stay on top of new tasks, but allow time to deal with the backlog, a bit at a time, till it's cleared.

The advantage of this approach is that it lets you focus on current issues, while also allowing you to retrieve anything important from the backlog. You should soon start to feel more in control.

Mark Forster writes about it here:


http://www.markforster.net/blog/2008/7/28/its-like-walking-across-a-muddy-field-how-to-get-rid-of-ba ck.html


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Posted: Dec 11, 2009


I am a newbie to TD. I find the free version has lots of bells and whistles, which I am exploring, but probably don't need most of them. But still I am considering upgrading and have a question for those already using the Pro version.

How useful do you find the sub-task feature? Is it more trouble than it's worth? In other words, did any of you decide to sop using it ??

Any comments on pros and cons in general?

Apologies if this has been asked a zillion times before - any repllies would be much appreciated!


Posted: Dec 11, 2009
From Topic: Different Color Stars

I agtee.

I use colors to classify emails (Gmail) and paper files, so it would be great to be able to co-ordinate toodledo as well.