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Posted: 1 day ago
From Topic: View by Calendar

"desktop toodledo application" ?? I've been a user for 4-5 years and this is the first I have heard of this. Are you referring to toodledo on the browser or some specific desktop app that runs on windows or mac?

Posted: Jun 29, 2014

Actually - I would prefer a shortcut key too - to toggle nested tasks. There's a huge difference between having to use the mouse and change one of the settings from a dropdown menu, and simply tapping a key.

Posted: May 01, 2014

Having lots of trouble getting toodledo to properly file incoming email/tasks in the proper contexts .. why?? because in my setup my contexts are not Single word

Emails & Correspondence
Background Research

so when I email with the subject line using
@Emails & Correspondence
or @Background Research

toodledo does not parse spacing or & properly and context is left blank with the task gets inserted ....

I would rather not rename all my contexts (or folders) ... but could change & to "and"

is there any way I can get this working properly?

Posted: Feb 18, 2014

I use a chrome browser plugin called Stylish to do this nicely (I think it is available on other browsers). Once you install it, add a new style for toodledo.com and insert some style "overrides" to toodledo, like below, and you'll never have to think about it again:

.pri3 {
color: red; /* Top Priority */
.pri2 {
color: #161616; /* High Priority */

.pri1 {
color: black; /* Medium Priority */

.pri0 {
color: blue; /* Low Priority */
font-weight: bold;

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Posted: Jan 29, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

I am ecstatic over this news. I've been dogged by the awful toodledo experience(s) on android ... until recently when someone in these forums recommended MyToodle. I found it to be the solution I was looking for (for 4 years!) ... sure, it can be improved - but now I finally have toodledo working, and useful, on my android phone(s). So glad toodledo is picking this up as an official app!

Posted: Jan 17, 2014

MyToodle looks great! Can't believe I didn't find this before You may have solved my 3 year old mobile toodledo problem. Thanks!

Posted: Jan 15, 2014

Ditto for me, too. I've been a toodledo user for many years now (premium and not)... and running toodledo on my android phone has been an awful, non-starter, of an experience consistently. After 5 different phones, and major OS upgrades, toodledo is the only "app" I NEVER use on the phone.

Every time I try to start the mobile site I get the status "updating" and it crunches through several cycles of an status bar, then the hotlist (or any display) essentially shows tasks that have little resemblance to any list on my desktop. Most tasks I recognize as older or revised - but are still showing up. (before anyone shouts about updating, or clearing cache's ... I remind you that this is at least the 5th brand new phone - clean install - that this happens on)

Please fix this ! (I am not talking about a toodledo android "app" but the m.toodledo site )


Posted: Jan 13, 2014

1. a new quick key for "add quick task" (though the N key works fine for my needs).

2. NEXT to every link/label on the left side is an icon for ADD a task ...
ie... next to every context, goal, tag etc on the left would be a little Plus or other icon ...
when I click, a popup or other window appears, add-task, with the context/tag (that was next to the icon I clicked) etc ... filled in.

those are two possibilities.

Personally, I think the most urgent need is for a "multi-select" tasks (while in the hotlist etc) ... so I could then complete them all, change all the dates etc with one click. This would operate similar to "search and multi-edit" - except that it only applies to the selected tasks and perhaps multi-edit could be simpler (complete-all, change date, context ...)

Posted: Oct 21, 2013

You can tell Toodledo is run by engineers. A marketing organization would have offered a discount price for allowing 51-100 folders ; )

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Posted: Oct 21, 2013

Interesting ... because this decision made folder management quite easy for me - since I simply stopped using them!

The OP is right ...
folders for the notes vs folders for tasks are 2 different things, and using them for both simply cluttered up the folder dropdowns. So - I made the decision just to create folders for the notes only - and disable them in the task list.

Posted: Sep 20, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Lists

Ditto for lists on iOS ... most of my lists I absolutely want instant access on my ipad or phone.

FYI - the lists (and sometimes outlines) are quickly taking the place of what I used to use the Notes feature for. VERY useful.

Posted: Sep 20, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Lists

Love the feature too ...
Is there any way (yet) to sort the items in a list?

PS - Flipping back and forth between lists and outlines, I am getting a little vague on when I would use one or the other. Any suggestions or tips?

Posted: Sep 20, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Lists

> "Yes, we will be implementing search and filters to the Lists section in a future update."

Haaa! So you DOOOOOO comment on future features and functionality !!!

; )

Posted: Aug 14, 2013

Three words: Online Bill Payment.
(so you can pay any time)

Even the Mafia accepts it these days.

Posted: Aug 13, 2013

I'm still trying to figure out what kind of bizarre bills need to be paid on such a schedule. The only thing I can come up with is a weekly payment to the local mafia thugs (i.e. if you miss a payment that month, then they return next Saturday to collect… Or else ; )

Posted: Jan 05, 2013

For me, it was not the UI change (colors etc) ... there were fundamental flaw that prevented me from using ToodleDo at all (or effectively). The last update was a nonstarter for me on iOs ... and instead I struggled to manage my lists using the browser on the ipad - clumsy without a mouse, and sometimes impossible if I am offline.

So Kudos for Toodledo for doing the right thing and rolling back. I was so so grateful for this! The new (flawed) ios version debuted just a few days before I was set to leave for 3.5 weeks abroad and I would have been completely sunk. I was ecstatic for the rollback. I do look forward to anything new, but the latest just didn't hit the mark.

Right now I am generally happy with the UI and functionality on IOS (android sucks - but I am still keeping my hopes up ; ) would really love a substantial (usable) Android version well before any iOS updates. But that's just me.

Posted: Dec 13, 2012

Ditto. Thank you!!

Posted by fbatot:
Thank you very much for the downgrade on the iPhone app!!!

I'm a huge fan of Toodledo!!
(just not a fan of the iphone upgrade. Brown is just an ugly color for an app)


Posted: Dec 06, 2012

I have to agree with Tek. I really don't like the new ios interface (used on my iPad). Hopefully with some technical fixes I might get used to it, but for now, it is nearly unusable for me, and I now just use toodledo in the browser. What a shame.

1. it is much slower than the older version. I'm sure the new version tries to use a lot of new ios resources - but to what end? there seems to be no more (and maybe less) functionality. Just the act of tapping on several 'completed' checkboxes in a row has me waiting 10 seconds or more per tap... (note my other apps operate just fine, so it's not an issue with my ipad)

2. I can see the new UI layout being an improvement (or on the road to an improvement) but the old one was OK with me too.

One thing that is terrible about the new layout - is that I notice when I want to swipe to scroll down in my hotlist, boom! all my dividers close - and disappear! I have to actually shut down and restart toodledo (sometimes more than once) to get them back.

That alone has forced me to abandon this new version until further notice.

(PS - another bug is that - if I am locked in landscape mode, and try to edit a task, the edit screen is still forces itself in portrait and I have to turn the entire ipad around, or unlock the orientation)

3. Toodledo is still, by far my #1 used app (aside from email) - it's just that neither the ios or android versions come close, by a longshot, to the usability and simplicity of the browser version. (in fact, I've had to pretty much abandon all mobile versions of toodledo, unless I am really desperate) ... it's a shame since I'd be willing to pay at least twice what I'm paying now, per year, to have quality mobile versions of toodledo.

Posted: Aug 23, 2012

Posted by JPR:
Tracking is secondary, and in service of the goal... which is doing.

If tracking is not the primary goal... then I do something similar (very similar), and have had two different approaches.

1. the simple approach.
Daily repeating task: Exercise: Workout/Run 5m/Martial Arts
and I merely check it off if I perform one of these tasks.

2. more complex approach, with a little tracking (a 'for instance'):

One time setup:
GOAL: (Lifetime) = "Physically Fit"
Daily Task: Exercise (optional daily)
Sub Task: Weights (optional daily) - Goal: "Physically Fit"
Sub Task: Running (optional daily) - Goal: "Physically Fit"
Sub Task: Martial Arts (optional daily) - Goal: "Physically Fit"

Every Day Use:
"Exercise" shows up in my daily todo ... I click on Exercise and check off the one that I did (say, running), and also check off "Exercise" (if I want it to disappear from the list - this is optional)

in other words.
Every day, "Exercise" appears, with the 3 choices. I check off one.

Later, if I want to see progress, I can look at "Goals" and see how each of the 3 exercises contributed to my Goal of "Physically Fit". Or I can look at the charts for more details.

I know this took a long time to describe, but it is really quick and easy, and a One-time setup.

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Posted: Apr 17, 2012

Can we add to the wish list a character / word count in the notes boxes (not just characters remaining)?

It's a simple little tweak, that at least for me would be meaningful. I use the notes for pre-writing (and wordsmithing) possible/future tweets, and in some cases draft blog posts. Sure there are other tools - but for just these quick drafts I use toodledo notes plus a chrome plugin for word count. It would be soooo much easier if I saw "128 characters" instead of "63872 characters left"

it's the little things.

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