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Posted: Dec 16, 2012

Another vote for the upgrade - I really liked the new interface and am avoiding updating the app now as I don't want to revert. Have never posted here before but feel strongly enough to do so. Appreciate that no major redesign will please everyone.

Standouts with the new version are the ease of which I can see my different views, the fact that I can just hit 'hotlist' to reload the hotlist after I've made changes and the ability to quickly create new tasks one after the other.

And a suggestion: More colours would be nice, eg different colours for each folder.

Posted: Jul 11, 2009
From Topic: Rules for stats


Is there a way to setup a rule to automatically 'star' a task if some selected criteria is met? Eg star the task if the due date is within the next n days or if the due date is within n days and the priority is greater than y - you get the idea.

I realise that there are lots of ways to use this great tool, but that would certainly help me - maybe if it can't be done now it could be a future feature suggestion!


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