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Posted: Dec 08, 2009
From Topic: Contact Manager

Hi all - figured you'd be a good bunch to ask about this.

I am having trouble finding a good contact manager. Anyone have ideas? See below for my 'specs':

Outlook for work e-mail, contacts, and calendar
Google for personal e-mail and calendars (multiple calendars, as my husband and I share one for us-stuff)
Toodledo for tasks
Pocket Informant for iPhone to sync and combine calendar and tasks

How I currently deal with contacts:
The contacts on my iPhone probably end up most updated. However, gmail by nature captures e-mail addresses which are very useful, too (though perhaps I'm over-thinking this, given gmail's autocomplete).

A contact manager that can serve as my humongous hub. Would sync contacts on my iPhone (either in the native app or a third-party app is fine), gmail, even facebook and linkedin.

I don't necessarily need images. Don't even really need customizable fields as long as there's a Notes field, though tags or categories would be great.

The hitch with all this is I use Exchange for my work e-mail, which precludes me using google sync. For some reason IMAP didn't work well for my e-mail, though I never had IT check it out since it's my personal phone.

I'm considering just using my work contacts/Outlook as my main contacts hub, as I can sync Outlook and google. Main annoying part is having to 'export' phone contacts before syncing with work contacts.

I know that's a huge brain dump but want to see if any of you had ideas.