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Posted: Jul 11, 2014

Another option: I had a similar problem with 2 TD accounts a few years ago. I couldn't find a third party app (back then) that mimiced all the TD features I wanted. I found a workaround that worked quite well, which was to access my main account through one browser (Safari), and the other account through Chrome. This way, I didn't have to purge and mess around with the accounts. Literally for years after I crossed the two accounts, a tag from one was in the other, and even though no tasks used it, it hung in there!

Posted: Jul 11, 2014
From Topic: iPhone app Lists

Lists and Outlines are not yet available on the mobile apps. It's on "the list".

Posted: Jul 03, 2014
From Topic: Test

Trying to post an image:
From imgur, BBCode

Linked BBCode:

Tried BBCode bracketed with arrow brackets around "img":

and Linked BBCode bracketed with arrow brackets around "img":


changed to .png:
Imgur BBCode:

Imgur Linked BBCode:







Pasted the image into browser page from Imgur link, then copied image URL:


I've tried everything I can think of so far, but the best I can get is a link. Any ideas?

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Posted: Jul 02, 2014

There is a very long-standing request to make the Hotlist more, if not entirely, user definable. I just want ahead and did it.

Posted: Jun 30, 2014

Posted by DSM:
Hmmm. Can you also affect the Hotlist via the Status field? That is, if I move the task to Reference (or some other non-Active status), will the Hotlist know that I'm not going to do it right now? If not, shouldn't it?

This is why some (many?) of us no longer use the TD Hotlist. It's relatively easy to create one to meet your exact needs as a Saved Search. Then you can include any field you want, any date restraints you want. Mine excludes certain folders (like my Templates folder), tags (like my Weekly Review tag), and, of course, status.

Posted: Jun 25, 2014
From Topic: Tasks are Gone

Did you check your filters?

Posted: Jun 23, 2014

I have just moved away from using TD as my grocery list (I believe there are dedicated apps that work better for this purpose), but here is the link to the method I used to do this in TD:

It may or may not work for you, or maybe it will give you an idea of how to make a better shopping list for yourself.

Posted: Jun 23, 2014

You English is quite good, far better than my imaginary "German"!

You can create virtually any search you can imagine using any of the available fields in TD. To create a "Due in the next 10 Days", click on Search in the upper left corner, then "New Search". Leave the
Checked Off|no
criteria as is, the change the one below to
Due Date|Is in the Next|10 days
Click Search
Then you can save the Search by clicking on Save Search in the upper right hand corner of the TD screen.

You may find that the Saved Searches are the real power of TD. Many of us "live" entirely in the Saved Search screen. I've even re-created a few of the built-in searches in the Saved Search screen so I rarely go to the others.

Posted: Jun 20, 2014

Almost 2 years ago, I posted here that I had created a grocery list app using a TD free account. http://www.toodledo.com/forums/3/15385/-77997/a-td-grocery-list.html

It worked well for a while, but has become, like it's predecessor, slow and kludgy feeling. It didn't scroll well and adding new items was not easy. This is nothing against TD as it is not intended for this purpose, and I was just using it because I had it, knew how to adopt it to my needs, and I was fed up with the one I'd been using for years and had spent a lot of time looking at grocery list apps for what I wanted.

So I finally went back and started looking for a grocery app that has all the features I wanted, and this time, I found one. It's called Grocery Gadget and it has the main feature I had so much trouble finding is the ability to have multiple stores per item because I shop regularly at 4 different grocery stores. GG can do that and considerably more, and it has a mostly intuitive, if not a bit odd, interface that I figured out in a few minutes of playing with it. It's much faster and more intuitive for a grocery list, and works very well for my purposes. By the way, I have no financial interest in GG, just giving it my recommendation.

So I'm no longer using TD for my grocery list and am happy to be moving on. Again, this is not to be interpreted as a criticism of TD as a task manager in any way, it's just less than ideal as a grocery list tool, though it's served the purpose for almost 2 years. It just shows how flexible it can be.

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Posted: Jun 09, 2014

Go to the Search view, select new search, change Checked Off to yes, enter any criteria that will help you find your Dr. appointments ("task contains Doctor"), click Search.

Posted: Jun 02, 2014

Posted by gggarrett:
I do not agree that there is anything old-fashioned about the interface. It was changed a year or so ago and stills looks and works just fine.

Actually, it was 3 years ago, July 2011. Whether it looks old-fashioned or not is a matter of taste. Some of us felt it looked old-fashioned when it was new. :-)

Posted: May 28, 2014

I use the task's note field.

Posted: May 28, 2014
From Topic: Filters

The latter.

Posted: May 19, 2014

The easiest way to do that now, is to do a Permanent Link on the parent task, then multi-edit the folder to the new one.

Posted: May 13, 2014

It seems to me this depends mostly on what your relative market position is. I know nothing of games, so can't speak to the "World of Slaughtering off most of the World's Population", but it's clear that M$ has a pure monopoly on Office apps, and can do whatever they please, including publishing all their plans for the forseeable future without concern. Not so for TD.

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Posted: May 13, 2014

I can't say in all cases of course, but I checked one of my saved searches that uses a tag, and it works in on my iPhone as well. YMMV.

Posted: Apr 28, 2014

Posted by jeremiah.moss:
Well, moving to something else. IQTELL, Apple's own reminder app, and Evernote.

Interesting. I've been playing with IQTELL on the side for a while now, trying to find the time to get it up and running enough to make the jump. And I agree with many of your reasons for doing so.

There are several reasons for this:

- Assigning items to locations didn't work as well as the iPhone's own app. You can only assign reminders when entering an area, not leaving it. Apple also seems to have a better "geofencing" algorithm. I'm likely to continue to use Apple's own app for location-specific reminders until something better comes along.

I use TD's Location feature for an entirely different purpose, so the geofencing is not important to me. But since I can add any field I like in IQ, I can have Locations to use the same way I now use them in TD.

- I want to seriously try Covey's Time Management Matrix (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, page 151). I'm hoping IQTELL will eventually be flexible enough to implement such a system inside it. Toodledo is very unlikely to ever do so.

I played with this in TD at one time, but it was a bit kludgy (using the 4 priority levels to represent Covey's 4 quadrants) and didn't give me quite what I needed anyway. But my job responsibilities have changed considerably since then, so perhaps I should give it another try.

- IQTELL has forms, workflows, and custom fields. They're pretty rudimentary so far, but show a lot of promise. This is something I liked in SharePoint, which I've used at some places I've worked at. Workflows can be an extremely powerful feature, allowing fields to be connected to each other (and in SharePoint, also allowing for automation).

These are some of the features that appeal to me too, but they are also part of the reason it has taken me so long to get IQ fully functional. With even greater flexibility than TD, it has an even steeper learning curve.

- Toodledo's development process is quite slow. I don't know if the code has become an un-maintainable mess or what, but slight changes every year or so isn't exactly the cadence I was hoping for in a product that still needs a lot of work.

This is my main issue with TD. I don't know the general condition of the code, but I believe they have spread the team thin with the addition of several new features and a new platform in the past year or so. They added Outlines and Lists, both of which were minimal and not incorporated with the Tasks, and have spent a great deal of developer time bringing them together with the task management part and fleshing them out to be at least comparable to other similar software. This leaves very little time for enhancing the task management features.

In the past year or so, there have been 2 enhancements to task management, de-star on completion (very little coding I would think), and save sort order with view (fair amount of coding, to move this feature down a level). I would have liked to have seen at least 5 features like this in a year.

- Toodledo has adopted basically a "we don't say anything about stuff in development" philosophy. Granted, IQTELL isn't much better in this area, but it's still something I fundamentally disagree with, as a developer myself.

I have no issue with their concerns about tipping off the competition; this seems like common sense to me.

- IQTELL has integration with email and Evernote. This is really what put it over the top for me. I can set an email as an actionable item right then and there. No need to send a separate email with a strange syntax to a separate email address.

Also nice features, if you can use them. I keep only personal information in EN, so connecting it to my work task manager has no value. Being able to incorporate Gmail is great, but I work for the state and my work Gmail account is locked down for security (HIPAA) reasons, though I don't send or receive any such emails. So I can't take advantage of this great feature.

A couple of other things IQ has include the ability to create new "Objects", dependencies, unlimited subask levels, and a simple "macro" capability. The ability to create objects is very useful to me. For example, much of the work I do is for various groups I'm involved in. In TD, I've had to create Folders for each group alongside folders for the various levels of the organization that I do tasks for (I've already used Tags for other things), which is a bit kludgy. In IQ, I can just create a new object called "Groups", and create links from them to projects, tasks, subtasks, etc.

Dependencies is a feature I've wanted it TD from the start, but very much doubt I'll see them any time soon in TD, if ever.

The "macro" capability is very limited, so much so that I wouldn't have called it "macro". Nonetheless, it does give one the ability to have an Action triggered by certain other actions, something I used extensively in a task manager I had years ago. And I imagine they will add to it eventually, but it looks useful as is.

So - sorry, I will not be renewing my subscription this year.

You didn't mention the interface, which I find much more modern and pleasant than TD's. It's not that important to me, like it is to others, but it's a little icing on the cake.

My silver subscription expires in Aug., but I don't know if I'll have IQ ready by then. Maybe your post will get me off my a** and getting it done!

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Posted: Apr 21, 2014

Posted by AA:

It is currently impossible to save any new search. Tried this several times with various searches via the main website, but no luck. The pop-up window "There was an error message saving your search. Please try again later." appears every time. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.

Have you tried closing and reopening your browser? Rebooting?

Posted: Apr 16, 2014

You can do that, just set the Sort criteria accordingly.

Posted: Apr 11, 2014

After looking at my TD setup since posting above, I feel I've validated the statement I made in an impassioned plea to Jake last June regarding this feature:

Jake, I would like to suggest that it's more than just optimizing clicks. I, and many other TD power users virtually live in Saved Searches, and frequently switch between them during the day. Dozens of times. And each time, we either have to think about how to reset the sort order and the filters, or, choose one setting that works "most of the time", which is what I and many others, I suspect, do. This is more than just clicks, it's sub-optimal use of the tool because of this limitation. I would get a much clearer and more accurate representation of my task list if I had each Saved Search sorted and filtered all the time to fit the purpose of that search.

So, to me at least, it is somewhat more than just optimizing clicks, it's about optimizing TD. Thanks for your understanding.

As an example of how deep this change is, just last week I decided that I wasn't really using the Priority field anymore, that I could manage priorities in my head. I wasn't using it in any of my 30 Saved Searches, so I removed it from my list of used fields. Now I have to rethink that decision! (Great timing, Jake! ;) and may decide to reintroduce Priorities to manage the Sort orders in my Saved Searches.

Now that I can optimize my sorts on a per view basis, the Priority field gives me another useful tool to manage that. I'm going to let these ideas percolate over the weekend before I make any rash decisions, but, at the very least, this "minor" change has forced me to consider a significant change, adding a field, to my TD strategy. Whatever I decide, this is a significant change in how many of us use and optimize TD.

Again, thanks for adding this long-requested and very useful feature! I look forward to having Filters saved in this way as well.
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