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Posted: Jul 11, 2013

Import from OPML format would be extremely convenient for me - then I can import my CarbonFin and BrainForest outlines. Would love to have them all in one tool.
Plus, as per several mentions,Outlines for iOS would clinch it. Already a Pro Plus user, but this would add to the overall happiness factor ;).

Posted: Aug 28, 2012

I like! Really smooth integration, and nice use of the HTML5 version.

Posted: Aug 12, 2011

Enjoying the upgrade. I'd prefer to not see the sidebar, but it's distracting when it flashes in and out. I liked the arrow to bring it to focus. I very rarely use the sidebar links in any given day, so to me it is wasted real estate. But, no biggie. I'm not getting many takers from my friends. "ToodleDo" sounds like a toy. Which it absolutely is not -- my most-frequently-used app. How about "Executive Get'er-Done'r Tool" ;-)

Posted: Jun 21, 2010

Posted by gaylon:
Love the new iPhone enhancements. I ditched Appigo Notebook, ...

Dropping back to using Appigo Notebook until e-mailing notes is supported. Still, a nice "first cut".

Posted: Jun 18, 2010

Love the new iPhone enhancements. I ditched Appigo Notebook, but would be nice for HTML tags to be supported, or, better yet, rich text formatting w/o tags (as someone else mentioned). Minor issue for me, though. It was disconcerting to not have the Synch button available, but find that the sych works perfectly according to settings. I watch for the updating symbol and status bar, to be sure, but I can see how some would still like the button. This is becoming a truely usable iPhone app, as opposed to something I would use only if I didn't have any possible access to a full browser session. I'll add a new App Store rating...

Posted: Oct 15, 2009

Great update !!
This cemented my decision to move from ToDo iPhone app back to the ToodleDo iPhone app. I had never been satisfied with either until now...

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

Thanks for the openness. It gives me confidence in keeping my Pro-Plus account open with Toodledo. And, being a database programmer for 30 years, I can relate in some measure to the angst it caused. We had a similar crash at our data center (large eastern company) a few years ago, also related to failover to generators, but unfortunately not all the data recovery efforts faired as well... Good job!