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Lazlo Nibble

Posted: Jul 26, 2011

Hmm, one thing that seems to have gone away -- my notebooks can't be grouped into folders unless I check "Folder" in the Fields/Functions settings. This wasn't necessary in the previous design.

I prefer not to check "Folders" because I don't use them for tasks (only for notebooks) and therefore don't want to waste the space on the Folders column in the task table view. Again, this argues for decoupling "using" fields from "displaying" them. (Yes, I can move unused columns to the right-hand side of the table and scroll them offscreen, but this moves the column controls offscreen as well.)
Lazlo Nibble

Posted: Jul 26, 2011

Overall I'm liking it a lot; the design philosophy seems sound and it makes some operations a lot easier (like selecting a single goal in the Goal view when you have 20-30 goals active).

I do agree with the chorus requesting a way to collapse the sidebar -- Given all the fields I use, horizontal space is at a premium. A way to resize it would be even better as my goals have pretty long names by necessity (for my work tasks they're usually tied to work request numbers) so they are truncated badly in the current layout.

One other thing that might help conserve pixels -- when in a view that's limited to a single context (for example), there's no reason to show the Context column in the table as all the values in that column are the same. Ditto for goals, status, etc. An option to disable display of redundant columns would be nice.

It may also be time to decouple displaying fields from using fields. E.g., I would like to use the "Repeat" field but I don't necessarily need to SEE it in the table view. An icon showing that there's a value set/not set, which shows the value on hover and displays the existing popup on click would be as useful for me.

In re the table space taken up by the "Add Columns" / "Edit Column Order/Width" icons, there's room for these on the other side of the header above the checkboxes/stars/etc.

If/when you do implement skinning it would be nice to be able to specify a narrower font for things. Again, this is a horizontal-space issue.

Despite the many suggestions I'm very happy with the change; it's definitely a net positive.
Lazlo Nibble

Posted: May 12, 2011

Good to know, thanks. (You might want to mention it on the "How secure is my data on Toodledo?" page -- I did specifically search the help section for this information before posting my question.)
Lazlo Nibble

Posted: May 10, 2011

Now that the API supports SSL, will the iOS app be able to use it anytime soon?
Lazlo Nibble

Posted: Sep 03, 2010

I tried it with a bunch of different views on my account (mostly diferent contexts). The length of the freeze maps very clearly to the number of tasks being displayed:

00:08 freeze with 19 to-dos
00:13 freeze with 24 to-dos
00:29 freeze with 34 to-dos
00:50 freeze with 41 to-dos
03:29 freeze with 70 to-dos
04:07 freeze with 76 to-dos
10:31 freeze with 108 to-dos

Per Process Explorer there's a chunk of memory allocated at the start of the freeze and freed up about halfway through. The size of that chunk also varies by number of tasks (between 6Mb and 15Mb). I noticed that at least once all the "empty" icons populated at the same time as the memory deallocation, even though the UI was still unresponsive.
Lazlo Nibble

Posted: Sep 02, 2010

1. XP Pro 2002 SP3.
2. Firefox 3.6.8 and 4.0b1.
3. Generally speaking, yes, but see 5.
4. Hangs if site is loaded when I'm already signed in.
5. When Firefox hangs the entire browser is locked down solid until the issue resolves itself (~5-6 minutes for me). Can't refresh during this period, obviously. After Ffx unfreezes, a soft-reload (reload button or Crtl-R) does not cause a refreeze, but a shift-reload does.
6. "Slim" site works fine. [in Firefox]
7. Ffx still hangs on load after clearing cookies/cache, restarting, and loading the task list.
8. Yes, warnings about views_print9.css 'text-overflow' property, followed by five "$A is not defined" errors (prototype.js line 1323) displayed immediately before freeze. No error console activity during freeze (Error Console is frozen just like the main browser window), nor after the freeze lifts.
9. index.php no, https://www.toodledo.com/views/context.php yes.
10. No. Ffx has never hung for me on the forums.
11. No.

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Lazlo Nibble

Posted: Sep 02, 2010

Posted by Captain_Obvious:
If Firefox crash It is definitely a Firefox problem. It should be able to handle every error without crashing.

Except that Firefox isn't crashing, it's hanging for a fixed period of time and then starting up again. The behavior began when the last update was to the site was released, which indicates that even if it is a Firefox bug, it's being triggered by something that changed in Toodledo.

I happened to have a portable install of Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 on my desktop, and it's behaving in exactly the same way. When I load my default view (context.php, sorted by Importance and Priority), the entire browser freezes up for around five minutes, then continues as normal.

One additional data point: on both 3.6.8 and 4.0b1, the browser consistently freezes after the task list is populated, with the "clear" star icon (starno.gif) showing on all un-starred tasks, but before any of the other icons are shown ("importance" warning triangle, checkbox, yellow star, "actions" Lego brick, add-note, note, "drag" hand, "reminder" bell, etc.). If those icons are dynamically set after the tasks are downloaded and displayed, the hangup may be caused by the code that decides which icons to show for each task.

Is it possible to create an alternate version of context.php, with some debugging statements that output to the error console?

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Lazlo Nibble

Posted: Aug 26, 2010

I'm seeing the same issue in Firefox 3.6.8. When I launch in my default view, which has ~100 to-do items, Firefox locks up solid (I get an hourglass everywhere in the window except the title bar) and pegs the CPU -- basically it acts like it's stuck in a really tight javascript loop. If I let it sit for five or ten minutes it clears up on its own and things seem to work properly from that point. A normal page reload doesn't bring back the problem but force-reloading it (shift-reload, etc.) does.

Blowing away the cache and cookies doesn't help. Neither does starting in Safe Mode, so it's not an extension conflict. Nothing in the Error Console either.

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