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Posted: Jul 21, 2012
From Topic: New Android

The mobile web app - I assume it's some HTML5 magic - does not feel as responsive as other android apps.
Astrid and Gtask are just snappier and simpler to use.

One of the things I'm really struggling with Toodledo is MOBILE task management and rapid input. It's way too complex right now.

When I'm at my DESK it's awesome, I use it a lot and feel like I can power through stuff.
But on mobile it's killing me. What to do?

Posted: Apr 02, 2012

I agree with martingchapman
Toodledo is about productivity and getting things done

Integrations should focus on productivity not, social media (FB, or G+).
Productivity on the web centers around useful applications like time tracking, email and accounting systems.
Get me hooked into Tsheets, Gmail and Mint.
Facebook?? Meh.

Posted: Dec 26, 2011

It has been 7 months since the TD team post about a possible android app, is there any news on this?
I now have an android tablet and am shifting 80% of my work over to this device.
Tasks is up in the top 3 apps I use all the time so something tightly integrated with Toodledo or made by you folks would be great.

Posted: Oct 04, 2011

Another vote for this. OPML style multi level lists good.
Also the ability to MOVE subtasks deep within a tree to another top level tree FAST would be good.

On long lists your drag action can take forever to find a task down the list to drop subtask into.

Posted: Oct 04, 2011

Is it possible for TD to remember the state of collapsed subtasks?

I have a tasklist with about 100 Primary Tasks and 300 total tasks in FOLDER view

When I go to move a subtask from one task to another, the list is huge. I'd like to be able to keep some low activity tasks/subtasks collapsed and have TD remember that state, so I don't always have such a long list to go through.

I need to keep important tasks/subtasks in open state, but many others in closed state.


Posted: Sep 11, 2011
From Topic: Timer in mobile apps

Vote +1
Time management is the most relevant feature for mobile devices. Sart / Stop timer with big buttons and easy selection of task or sub-task to apply to is the basic needed.

Posted: Jul 27, 2011

Could you standardize the search box behavior in TA.
CTL-Backspace should delete word
Very hard to wipe out what's there and start a new search w/out backspacing it all out each time.

Posted: Jul 27, 2011

I've searched each forum individually for tsheets information and all the threads appear to be from 2008-9
Is there anything going on with this?

I'd like to start/stop timer on a task from toodledoo to track time burn on each task.

Posted: Mar 29, 2011

The current sharing paradigm is flawed IMHO.
I am coming from Gubb and other simple task list systems.
When you share a list you share a list, and the other party sees what you see. There are not these confusing views.

Also please tell us about shared Folders.
There is no point in organizing all your tasks into project or GTD folders if when you go to share the tasks with someone they can't see the folders as shared. Totally confusing.

I am trialing pro and once I discovered these things my excitement for your otherwise great product was seriously checked. Hope to hear more about sharing, especially how you are rethinking it. There are tons of questions in these forums about sharing / folders / views that indicate something is a bit too loopy in the current sharing use cases.