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Posted: Jul 28, 2011

I like the new interface, but have to important points:

1. We need to get back tag management. I have tag I have to delete and I cant't find a way to do this now with the new interface. HELP, anyone.

2. Elements that are not text, ie. the icons to the left of task should be in lighter colours. At the moment they are generating a bit of visusla noize...

Posted: Jun 27, 2011

I've used TD for 2 years now and really happy about it. There is one thing I miss that Omnifocus got. Tasks in project automatically gets the status "Next action" when the preceding task is finished.


Project X
task 1
task 2
task 3

task 2 becomes next action when task 1 is finished.

This shortens, makes it easier, the list of relevant tasks to tackle.

To bad Omnifocus sucks on Mac worshipping and off-line mantra.

Posted: Sep 04, 2010


Just wondering if you plan having searches counting all hits and showing the number in the tabtext (as they do in other lists).

This will really help out when using the "Master your Workday" method.

Posted: Aug 04, 2010
From Topic: Translators Needed

I can help out with Norwegian...

Posted: Dec 22, 2009

At work I have a 24" dual with a 19". Works for me. Det 19" is mostly used for email, toodledo, calendar. Sometimes while working in excel and db cubes I use the 19" for excel. I'm not sure if 2*24" will boost my productivity...maybe too much space.

The most essential when buying 24" inch is to get the best resolution. Do not fall for 1080 setup. Get at last 1600 * 1200.