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Posted: Nov 13, 2009

Actually, Proxino, I did NOT know manual sorting had been released. Thanks for the tip.

Manual sorting alone is a big step forward. It allows me to look near the top of the list for next actions instead of having to scroll through everything.

Posted: Nov 13, 2009

I am currently trying to get going with GTD using Things from Cultured Code on my Macbook & iPhone. Since I have been doing a lot of work (and hope to be doing more) in-house at a client on their PC, I have been thinking of switching over to an on-line to do manager early, while I'm still getting up to speed on GTD.

Here's the thing.

I can't find a single one, not even the ones dedicated to GTD (like Nozbe, GTDagenda, Vital!st), that does the following two things:

1. Allows you to manually sort the order of your tasks, AND
2. Automatically posts the top task to a NEXT ACTIONS list

I'll keep reading on this forum to see how people implement alternatives, but it seems to me like building in functionality like this should be a no-brainer for an on-line to-do app (at least those, unlike Toodledo, dedicated to GTD). Here's how it would work.

Let's say I have a PROJECT with the following tasks identified:

1. Call catering hall for dates available in August
2. Call Jim to find out which of the available dates works best for him
3. Call catering hall back to book date.

I want a system that has a NEXT ACTIONS list that displays "Call catering hall for dates available in August" and, when I check that off, AUTOMATICALLY displays "Call Jim to find out which of the available dates works best for him," and when I check that off, AUTOMATICALLY displays "Call catering hall back to book date."

All the programs require you to actually go through your project lists and designate next actions. If you're like me, and you try to capture as many action steps as you can at the beginning of a project, this is a pain.

Having to go back to a project to identify or tag next actions so they show up in a next actions list seems so inefficient to me and creates the danger of forgetting to do so until your next weekly review, when you might really wish you had done it earlier.

As for Toodledo, the lack of manual sorting seems to take it out of the running almost immediately. I have considered how one might accomplish what I want using the status, priority, or tag fields, but I don't see a way of doing it.

It seems to me that using priorities seems to be the best you could do. Designate all next actions as top priority and have a smart list that displays just top priority items. But that still means going back to your project every time you check off an item to designate the next action as top priority. (or, in Toodledo's case, identifying the next action status flag).

I'll keep reading what's on this forum but, in the meantime, if anybody has a good workaround for the issue I've raised, I'd love to hear it.

Posted: Aug 06, 2009

I found a couple of references to iPhone file support from back in December 2008. They weren't quite clear, and the topics were closed, so I am starting a new thread on this to get some clarification before I plop down the big bucks (OK, not so big bucks) for the iPhone app and Pro Plus Account . . .

Toodledo posted this in a forum on Dec 1, 2008

"The iPhone has very limited support for files. Currently, I think they only support Microsoft Office files, text files and images. We hope to incorporate support for these files in a future update."

and posted this in a forum on Dec 22, 2008:

"Also, our iPhone app doesn't yet support files, but we hope to add this in the future."

Taking the second comment first, does this mean I can't access those files from my iPhone at all, even if they are in a format my iPhone can read?

Or, as implied by Toodledo's Dec 1 comment, is the rule basically that I will be able to read on my iPhone any files I have uploaded to my Toodledo account so long as the file format is supported by iPhone? Toodledo's Dec 22 comment understated the file formats that iPhone supports. For example, I can read PDFs attached to my emails just fine on my iPhone, so I assume I would be able to read my Toodledo-stored PDFs just fine, too, as long as the iPhone app links to them.

Does it?