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Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Jun 19, 2014

OrganiTask is working well, the documentation is quite new that's the reason why it is mentioned that it is still a draft as there might be typos or things to improve.

But except this, every else is ready and working correctly.
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Dec 31, 2013


I'm the developer of TaskUnifier, TaskUnifier is still actively developed and a new release will arrive somewhere in January 2014.

Lists cannot be synced with third party softwares yet.

Concerning the saved searches, they won't be synced in TaskUnifier because Toodledo API doesn't allow this. But TaskUnifier comes with really powerful saved searches.

Anyway, you can try the Pro version for free for 15 days by requesting a trial license directly in TaskUnifier.

Kind regards,


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Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Jul 05, 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to present you a new version of TaskUnifier.

TaskUnifier 4 is a free and open source desktop application for Windows, Linux and Mac that allows you to manage your tasks based on the GTD method.

TaskUnifier 4 Pro is a paid upgrade for TaskUnifier which unlocks the full power of TaskUnifier by allowing you to synchronize your tasks with Toodledo or via a shared folder and much more. You can try the pro features for free by requesting a trial license directly in TaskUnifier.

You can download TaskUnifier here: http://www.taskunifier.com/pages/download

Try it now !


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Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: May 24, 2013

Version 3.2.4

- Minor:
- Bug fixed: Sort order with identical titles
- Bug fixed: Printed note format
- Bug fixed: Shell models
- BF 297: Task/Note table model problem

An article about TaskUnifier has been released in Michael Linenberger's newsletter:
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: May 13, 2013

Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Apr 22, 2013

Version 3.2.3

- Major:
- BF 295: Add task/note problem
- Bug fixed: Open .tue files on Windows
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Mar 20, 2013

Version 3.2.1

- Major:
- Timeout when downloading plugin

- Minor:
- BF 285: Refresh filters
- FR 294: Highlight searched text
- FR 326: Search and sort localization

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Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Mar 14, 2013

Version 3.2.0

- Major:
- BF 184: Printing issue
- BF 280: Printing issue

- Minor:
- Background color problem
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Mar 13, 2013

Yes I know, it will be fixed today with version 3.2.0
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Mar 08, 2013

Hi, a new version has been released.

Version 3.1.9

- Major:
- Refactoring of processes
- New installation software for Windows
- BF 11: Error message at the end of the installation
- BF 130: Duplicate entries in add/remove programs

- Minor:
- Bug fixed: Layout of settings
- Bug fixed: UK first day of week
- BF 253: Remove beeps
- FR 324: Search shortcut
- Fixed owner of all the dialogs
- Do not apply searcher template for quick add task
- Cache plugin database
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Feb 25, 2013


I would be really usefull to have a ref field for the folders, contexts...

The tasks already have a meta field that can be used, but there is no easy way for the folders, contexts...

Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Feb 04, 2013

Version 3.1.8

- Refactoring of table columns

- BF 254: Filter operator change
- BF 255: "Mail to" error with current user
- BF 259: Reset timer when clone task
- FR 296: Added parent/sub task count task columns
- FR 299: Shortcut add subtask at the same level
- FR 304: Show only active calendar events
- FR 305: Save tab settings
- FR 312: Archive goals
- Line wrap in task edit window
- Improved create template from task
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Dec 18, 2012

I know that's the way Thunderbird works, but I think there is a forward button ?
If so, you can simply click on it and it should be good.
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Dec 05, 2012

You can use an existing account.
The tasks you already entered in TU will be synced to Toodledo and all the data from Toodledo will be retrieved and listed in TaskUnifier.

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Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Nov 29, 2012

Version 3.1.4

- Major:
- Smarter add button
- Bug fixed: Do not use URL connection cache
- FR 248: Create template from task
- BF 211: Add global hot key for Mac and Linux
- BF 213: Sync error: Value is null

- Minor:
- Indent subtasks in print report
- FR 250: Select only one context/goal/location
- FR 263: Beep for task reminders
- FR 264: Hide toolbar
- FR 269: Enter length with minutes only
- FR 274: No date button in task edit window
- BF 195: Invalid number of tasks being synchronized
- BF 210: Select a word in the note editor
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Nov 27, 2012
From Topic: Invalid key

Ticket created
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Nov 26, 2012
From Topic: Invalid key

I now generate a new key when it happens, however, the problem happens quite often with some users, and then I receive errors saying that I requested to many tokens.

I had a look at the logs again and it's exactly the same.

With the exact same key, and a token which has been refreshed less than 4 hours ago, some requests fails with "Invalid key".

Could you have a look ?
Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Nov 20, 2012
From Topic: Invalid key


Since a couple of weeks (months ?), I sometimes receive "Invalid key" when using the API.

I checked the logs of my app, and I use the same key, so for example 5 times with the key work then with the same key I suddenly receive "Invalid key".


The token generated only 2 hours ago.

Nov 20, 2012 12:03:48 PM
FINE: http://api.toodledo.com/2/account/get.php?key=abc&f=xml
Nov 20, 2012 12:03:48 PM
FINE: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><account><userid>td4ad087a11f87d</userid>
Nov 20, 2012 12:03:48 PM
FINE: https://api.toodledo.com/2/contexts/get.php?key=abc&f=xml
Nov 20, 2012 12:03:48 PM
FINE: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><contexts></contexts>
Nov 20, 2012 12:03:49 PM
FINE: https://api.toodledo.com/2/folders/get.php?key=abc&f=xml
Nov 20, 2012 12:03:49 PM
FINE: <error id='2'>Invalid key</error>

I replaced the key by abc, but I checked the key, and it was three times the exact same key.
You can see that get account worked, then get contexts worked, then folders failed, all with the same key.

This happens once in a while.

Could you confirm that the expiration of a token is 4 hours ?
I even ask a new token 15 minutes before the expiration date to be sure that it doesn't happen during the sync.

What could be the problem ?


Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Nov 19, 2012

I think this is really a problem in the API.
Because how do I know (in an efficient way of course) that a task that I delete, will also delete some subtasks ?

For example I have in Toodledo:
- A
--- B

Then in the third party app I do the following:
Move B as task (not subtask anymore)
and remove A:
- B

If I follow the schema in the API, I will first delete A, which will also remove B.

The update date will be corrupted, because I didn't wanted to delete B actually, but in my third party app I don't know anymore that B was a subtask of A.

Then what do I do with B ?
Did the user deleted B ? Or is it deleted because it was a subtask of A ?

I think, since it's an API with basic CRUD operations, it shouldn't do automated things like this.

Would it be possible to add a paramater to the delete command to avoid the deletion of the subtasks ?

Benjamin Leclerc

Posted: Nov 17, 2012


Deleting a task containing subtasks via the API actually deletes the task and all the subtasks.

Is it normal ?
Shouldn't the subtasks be simply changed to normal tasks instead of being deleted ?
Was it already like that before ?

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