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Posted: Jul 29, 2011

Posted by JPR:
There may have been only two of us. I submitted a support ticket.. here is the response:

The j,k,l keyboard shortcuts will be coming back as something else in a future update. We found that very few people were using them to switch the subtask behavior and we needed to reserve some extra keys for a future idea.

That's no fun. Just because few people use it, doesn't mean it wasn't a good idea . . . couldn't they give us some resolution? Maybe doing <ctrl>+J, etc? I miss it. Rather than a keyboard shortcut, now it's two clicks (and it's about the only thing I need the mouse for . . . I hate the mouse).

Posted: Jul 28, 2011

It's like you were with me and solved my problem as it occured! The one page print issue, that is (I was also concerned about the scroll right to see the details bit, and you solved that one too!)

I still have one problem outstanding that I hope you can solve also. I suppose there's the possibility that I was the only one to use the j, k, and l, subtask keyboard shortcuts, but I doubt it (although, that's about the only thing that I've come across that I haven't seen in the forum). I would really like this feature back. With the "scroll right" bit resolved, the only thing that slows me down is having to use my mouse to indent, hide, or flatten my subtasks and this is a fairly significant inconvenience for me.

If you made that change (and possibly adding the option of "ticking" folders like we can tick tags or contexts, I would have (literally) zero complaints about toodledo and would be 100% thrilled with the new layout.

As it is, I'm spending time writing on this forum and reading the forum for updates when I would rather be checking things off my list.

Okay, I'm done whining.

Thanks for the improvements and thanks in advance (hopefully) for the keyboard shortcuts resolution.

Posted: Jul 26, 2011

One thing I'd like is the option to "tick" multiple folders the same way it is possible with tags and contexts.

The look is great. I like that the tabs are on the side so we can see them all. Especially like that the keyboard shortcuts (as far as I can tell) are unchanged.

**Update . . . the subtask keyboard shortcuts aren't working. Any chance we can get those back?

j - Flattened
k - Hidden
l - indented

This message was edited Jul 26, 2011.

Posted: Aug 31, 2009

Thanks, Anders. Makes sense to me! I think I can use Status as my primary (which I do) and use context for looking at my projects (I have a unique projects context).



Posted: Aug 31, 2009

Is there any way to have different selections for the subtask flatten/hidden/nested view according to the tab you're currently in? I've got my parent tasks filed as "Planning" under the status view, and there, I would like the subtasks to be nested, so I can see everything tied to the parent. However, the subtasks have different statuses (i.e. next action) and I would like them to show up when I look at the next actions status, without having to select subtasks: flattened. Is it possible to change the subtask view to only next those subtasks when they have the same status (i.e. if I'm looking in next actions and a subtask has the "next action" status, it shows up flattened, but if I look at the parent, in the "Planning" status, it shows up nested)?

That would be really helpful for me, personally. Not sure if it would help anyone else.
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