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Posted: Sep 08, 2009

I will try adding to their support forum, but they're taking for ever to register me :)

And when testing this I haven't synced to ToodleDo at all, but I do see your point in finishing it off within the wrong environment. But as stated, I haven't synced such a task, just tested on the iPT within Pocket Informant.

Even Holen

Posted: Sep 08, 2009

Within Pocket Informant there is an option to stop repeating a task when it's been completed a given number of times.

I don't seem to get this to work, and I wonder if it's just me, or if it's a bug. Mainly I have two issues, if it somehow seem to work, it seems to be off by one in the count. That is I say stop repeating after 3 times, and when I hit complete the second time it disappears. The other issue, is that it sometimes seems to enter an endless loop, and never stop repeating.

Here is a typical scenario: I want to take the bus to work at least 3 days a week, so I set up a task: "Take bus to work", Start date: Monday 7th Sept, End date: 14th Sept, Repeat: Every day, End repeat: After 3 times. If I know 'completes' this task several times it sometimes stops after two 'completions', and sometimes it just carries on for ever...

Does anyone else experience this? Is this new unstable functionality? Or is it just me who have misunderstood how to use this feature?


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