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Posted: Nov 05, 2009

OK, that just worked fine, now I've got all my Todo's on the website.

During the sync, the iPhone should not get into power safe mode, Toodledo's iPhone App doesn't hold the iPhone active while syncing.

So my first attempt ended with only 2/3 synced Tasks - I needed to set off the power safe time for the sync.

Thanks for your workaround

Michael Huge

Posted: Nov 05, 2009

So, I tried:
- tags aren't synced, folders and contexts are
- a search for all "via iPhone added" tasks or all Tasks "checked is no" did not match.

Where could be a filter in the way?
Is it much data to sync? I don't check whole time the process - but it seems, the force sync is doing its job slowly (perhaps until reching about 50% in the process bar) but then the process bar disappears very fast.

Michael Huge

Posted: Nov 05, 2009

After using some different iPhone Apps for ToDo's, I started now with the Toodledo App. Two things in the app are very helpful, the start date and importance.

I like the App and do everything on my iPhone - adding new tasks, editing existing tasks ...

I need the website for backup and export features to f.e. Excel.

Therefore I tried the sync mode "Force iPhone -> Toodledo sync". From my > 100 Tasks only one recently finished Task is synced. Nothing else except the tags and context - but no tasks.

Is there a bug or is it the user ;-( ?


Michael Huge

Posted: Nov 05, 2009

And it would be fine to find this tag list in the iPhone App too. New tasks on the iPhone I always add from my startup-screen, which is the hotlist.

Thank you