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Posted: Jul 26, 2013


It would be great if you could implement a way to multi-select files for deletion. This would be good for customers because it'd be a big time saver. It'd be good for you because users could free up your storage space more easily (as opposed to saying "it takes forever, so forget it."

I gladly pay for a ProPlus subscription because Toodledo saves me a ton of time, but it does seem like a waste of my time to have to click-confirm-wait-repeat for every file.

Thanks for your consideration.

Posted: Jul 10, 2013

I appreciate the attempt, but that doesn't answer the question. What I'm asking isn't on that list (or I wouldn't have asked). ;-)

You can set Start Date and Due Date, but the default "mode" for Due Date is "due by." I'd like to be able to set "due after" or "due on" modifiers.


Posted: May 07, 2013

Sorry, couldn't find this answered:

I understand the syntax for e-mailing tasks into Toodledo, but is there a way to assign due date modifiers while doing so?

i.e. Can I set a task to be due "after" or "on" a given due date?

If so, what's the syntax for that, please?


Posted: Oct 26, 2012

Any progress on this?

I know the first rule of the roadmap is that you do not talk about the roadmap. I just want to keep this on your radar since it cripples distance based alerts ... at least for me.

Posted: Oct 26, 2012

Hey, all,

I just need to know if I'm doing this wrong or if it's simply not possible. Either way is cool ... I just want to know so I can stop screwing with it. :-)

Repeating task "advanced" repeat format #2 is "The X D of each month" where X is a number and D is a day of the week.

Naturally, I have an oddball task that I need to complete ONLY on 5th Thursday of the month (if it exists). However, "The 5th Thu of every month" appears to repeat as though I had set it to the LAST Thursday of the month.

Example: If I set the due date to NOV 29 and repeat on the 5th Thursday of the month, I would expect the next occurrence to be due on JAN 31 ... because that's the next time a 5th Thursday happens.

So, does "The X D of each month" = "The last D of each month" if X > 4? Or ... am I just missing something trivial?


(PS: SUPER AWESOME on the Siri integration!)

Posted: May 03, 2012

Hey, all,

Don't know if this behavior is "as designed" or just my not knowing how to do it right, but here's my frustration:

In the iOS app, I have my task lists sorted by Star, then by Due Date (ascending). The specifics don't really matter, but suffice it to say that I have set my PREFERRED sort order.

If I turn on location-based alerts, get an alert, and tap on it, the app opens to a list of tasks sorted by distance from my current location (ascending).

That's great except that the distance-based sort order PERSISTS. So the next time I open the app, all of my lists are sorted that way and I have to go back and re-sort them to my PREFERRED order.

This is so frustrating that it makes the location-based alerts more of a pain than they're worth. Sure I can know when I'm close to a location that has tasks, but I can only find out WHICH tasks at the cost of having to re-sort all of my lists again. :-(

What would be GREAT would be if the app were smart enough to present the distance-based task list when responding to an alert but still RETAIN the user's desired "default" sort order.

Is that something that's possible and I'm just missing it or do I need to make that a "feature request"?


Posted: Feb 24, 2012


I haven't seen a post on this since early last year, but I'd still love to see an escape character included in the e-mail import syntax so that having the "special characters" in what you intend to be the task's name don't get misinterpreted.

e.g. An e-mail title of "Pick up Milk & Eggs!!" becomes "High" priority task named "Pick up Milk" (the "&" expects a repeat value but doesn't find one and the "Eggs" is simply dropped.

It seems as though you ought to be able to implement something as simple as allowing the intended name of the task to be enclosed in quotation marks, tick marks, or something so that it's interpreted as a literal, not as a special character.


Posted: Oct 14, 2011

I'm trying to understand XML uploads and am having difficulty with subtasks. I'm looking for a snippet of example XML that will upload a single task and two subtasks of that task so that I can get the gist of how that's done. If anyone has such a sample, I'd love to see it.

The kicker for me seems to be the "id" and "parent" fields. Both appear to be unique 6-digit fields (when you look at a downloaded XML file). So I'm having trouble understanding how you'd create an XML file that imported a task and its subtasks if you don't know the "id" of the parent at the time of upload to put in the children under the "parent" field.

Short verison: I just need an example XML that will import three tasks ... "Parent", "Child 1", and "Child 2"

Much appreciated in advance.

Posted: Dec 20, 2010

Posted by Toodledo:
We use the battery saving "Significant Location Update" service.

The location icon (the little upward right facing arrow to the right of the time) seems to be always on, even when Toodledo is not active. I realize that icon is used for "Location Services" -- which includes GPS, cellular, and WiFi location determination methods -- but my battery seems to be going down fast enough to indicate that GPS is active.

Are you SURE it's not constantly using GPS location?

Posted: Dec 03, 2010
From Topic: location alerts

Sorry, I'm not following, ... so the documentation is updated and the site lets you create locations and assign locations to tasks. However, I'm not able to do the following:

1) Unable to select Location to make it a "used" field on the iPhone app (in the Fields and Defaults settings). I touch "Location" at the bottom of the list of unused fields but it's not added to the list of used fields.

2) Location-based alerts aren't working on the phone. I don't know if that's because the feature isn't available yet or because I can't make location a "used" field or what.

Just a little clarification would go a long way, please.

Thanks in advance.