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Posted: Feb 04, 2012
From Topic: Translators Needed

hi ~

i can help to translate to Chinese Trad. if anyone need .

Posted: Sep 13, 2011

Posted by Benjamin Leclerc:
Could you update java and try again.
You have java 6 version 02, and now the latest version is java 6 version 27...

oops~ i can't update it, because Win AD system control it.

Ben and TU, thank for your help, i am good at 0.87 :D

Posted: Sep 13, 2011

Posted by Benjamin Leclerc:
Hi xzonisy,

The error is thrown by java it self...

Are you behind a proxy ?
OS ?
Do you have the latest java version ?

yes, i am behind the proxy, i am using windowXP SP2, and JAVA is 1.6.0_02-b06

is it any problem, because 0.87 is woking :D

This message was edited Sep 13, 2011.

Posted: Sep 12, 2011

Posted by TaskUnifier:
Really strange...

Could you go in "plugins", delete the file ending .jar (something like bd6c451c-3f29-4675-8eb6-95ffbb668ee2.jar)

Then copy this file :
into the "plugins" folder (you do not need to rename it)

Then synchronize again and send me again the log files ?

Thank you very much

hi TaskUnifier

i arealdy replace the *.jar and mail the log to you

Posted: Sep 12, 2011

Posted by Benjamin Leclerc:

But as I already said, it would be easier to update to the latest version ;)

Hi Ben thanks for your help, i delete all the folder in my user\Application Data\TaskUnifier and download TaskUnifier_1_2_1_windows.zip

the error window still show i mail the new log to you

Thank you

Posted: Sep 09, 2011

Posted by Benjamin Leclerc:
Ah... ok.
Doesn't show much info.

Could you send me (taskunifier@me.com) the log files ?

- Windows : YourUser\Application Data\TaskUnifier
- Mac : ~/Library/Application Support/TaskUnifier
- Linux : ~/.taskunifier

There should be 3 or 4 files containing "log" in their name.

And I advise you to try the latest version :)

Hi Ben

due to my company IT policy i can't mail any file to you, but i post it to google Doc and shrae&mail the link to your mail address.

thank your help.

Posted: Sep 07, 2011

Posted by Benjamin Leclerc:
There isn't a "Details" button ? With a full error log ?

hi Benjamin ~

i got a print screen for your information


Posted: Sep 07, 2011

Posted by TaskUnifier:
Could you send the full error message ?

Wy did you try 1.0.3 when 1.1.0 is available ? :)


(you can download directly the latest version, no need to download them all)

Hi task unifier

I try 1.03 to 1.10 because I want to find out which patch is ok in my pc, just try and error , LOL

the error message only show a pop out window and show a message as I mention in last post .

Anything I can do ?

Posted: Sep 07, 2011

hi Benjamin Leclerc

i really love task unifier, it help me to deal with my work a lot.

task unifier work fine for me from 0.87 to 1.02, but i got a problem in task unifier 1.03, everytime i sync with toodledo, it always show "Java.lang.NullpointerException" then stop sync.

so i roll back to 1.02, could you tell me how to fix it, i really love the calendar view.

my PC in my office is

Java 1.6
proxy is ok

Thank you :D