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Posted: 6 days ago

Hi Bridget,

I’m overjoyed to hear Toodledo is finally having a bit of an overhaul - it’s such a great site but it does look a little aged! I have tried others to see what they’re like and none come close to the reliability and functionality of Toodledo.

My own suggestions are below:

1) The overall look: it seems superficial, but as I look at Toodledo pretty much all day it would be nice for it to look a little more modern. At the very least, I would expect to be able to customize the colour scheme - an extension is available for this but it can mess up the positioning of elements. Something to make it prettier would be wonderful.

2) Specific formatting issues
- I continually get a “warning” on the page, saying that one of my extensions is messing with the site. I believe it’s Evernote’s web clipper. It is very annoying to continually see that there, and would like the option of dismissing it permanently.
- To make the side menu “hide” I have to go through the settings menu which is tedious. I would like a button to make it appear - appear when mouseover, hide the rest of the time - hide permanently
- Calendar view: I’ve never been a fan of the small calendars on the left, a big calendar showing more detail for the month would be excellent (this used to be on the site)
- Column widths: the widths of the columns (folder, task, priority etc) can be changed a little, but there still seems to be some restrictions in place which mean even with a very wide screen monitor I can’t stretch the task title out so I can see everything. I have to put the mouseover if the title is long to see it - not very good! I’d like more freedom to change the widths however I like
- Colour coding for priorities: just using different shades of red doesn’t make the priorities very distinct. Different colours, or being able to choose colours would be great.
- Visibility of tasks: At the moment, if you remove filters to show all tasks you have to then manually go through and check everything back to make things invisible again. A toggle between filtered view and “all” view would be useful.

2) Entering tasks: I would like to see the “quick add” feature updated to use the add-task-by-email syntax. That would mean I could get tasks where I want them much much faster

3) File management: Adding files is a pain at the moment, you have click the file icon, then choose upload, then choose the files etc etc. A simple drag and drop of a file onto a task would speed things up. Being able to view files without having to download them would also be good, if this is possible from a technical standpoint (Dropbox does it)

4) Equivalence between website and apps: If a feature isn’t available on the website AND my mobile device, I won’t use it. I would like features to be available on all platforms before new ones are added. I personally haven’t used any of the new features added recently (e.g. outlines, lists) because of this.

I would stress that for me, Toodledo’s functionality is pretty much perfect - none of the issues I’ve mentioned above a deadlbreakers for me. I wouldn’t want to see anything removed or changed drastically for the sake of aesthetics.

I look forward to seeing what changes come in the future!

Posted: Jan 20, 2014

Is there a way to quickly delete several folders at once on the web app?

When I started using toodledo I always archived folders when I had completed a Project. This means I now have about 20 or so "empty" folders from ages old Projects I don't need any more.

But, to delete them I have to click the trashcan and confirm the deletion for each. This is a wise feature, but I'm wondering if there's a quick way to get rid of all of them?


Posted: Aug 28, 2012

Posted by liechr:

How did you get the bookmarklet to the Safari bookmarks on the iPhone?



It was a bit of a long-winded process as you can't copy and paste javascript from mobile Safari. So, I emailed myself the javascript, and created a bookmark from that.

And of course, mobile Safari complicates this as you can only bookmark the page you're on. So you create a bookmark for any random page, then EDIT that bookmark and paste the javascript in.

I only did it to see if it's possible - I'd be better to email yourself a link to the page, to your special Toodledo email address.

Posted: Aug 28, 2012

Brilliant feature! I'll be using this a lot, perfectly coincides with my work using Gmail Apps :)

EDIT: Works with Safari on iPhone too, although a little messily (that's not a criticism, I assume it's not meant for mobile browsers at this juncture)

This message was edited Aug 28, 2012.

Posted: May 24, 2012

Posted by JPR:
Posted by Chris:
It's been said before, but I would LOVE to see this functionality added to the "quick add" field of the main Toodledo page. Would really speed up entering tasks.

If you had a shortcut key that put focus into the quickadd box as well, that would mean you could enter a task without having to grab for the mouse.

Is that really faster than using 'n' to get to the std add task form? No mouse. No shiftkey+ syntaxing. No need to accurately type a complete name. Just Tab, first letter, tab, first letter, tab, tab, etc. I suppose there might be scenarios where it could be a tick faster, but "really speed up entering tasks"? I'm skeptical.

I can't speak for you, but yes - it would be quicker for me. That's why I said it. I find choosing what I want by first letter a little unreliable at times, as can entering the date. So the syntax - which presumably already has some kind of parsing software written for it - would be very useful.

Posted: May 23, 2012

It's been said before, but I would LOVE to see this functionality added to the "quick add" field of the main Toodledo page. Would really speed up entering tasks.

If you had a shortcut key that put focus into the quickadd box as well, that would mean you could enter a task without having to grab for the mouse.

Posted: Feb 23, 2012

Having the sidebar "hide" is wonderful, but it would be incredibly useful if there was a quicker way to switch from "hiding" to "always there". Having to go into Settings and change it when I swap to a smaller monitor is a real pain!

There used to be a show/hide button, so this couldn't be too hard to put back in? Pa-wease?!

Posted: Jan 07, 2012

I have a pro account, and give a task that is dependent on another an "pending" status and make it a sub task of the active task. On the website you can't check off a task that has incomplete sub tasks without an alert popping up, which will remind you to make the pending sub task current.

The downside of this is it doesn't work so well on the iPhone app as no warning appears there in this situation. But if you primarily use the web app this works pretty well.

Posted: Jan 05, 2012

If you set an optionally-on due date and then have that task repeat from the completion date, what happens if that task isn't completed on the due date?

Usually, these tasks disappear. But this one is repeating; BUT it is repeated from completion and hasn't been completed!

Is the universe destroyed if you do this, as I suspect? :) Or something else?

Posted: Dec 10, 2011

That's just for COMPLETED tasks though right? Uncompleted ones stay indefinitely?

Posted: Dec 10, 2011

Tasks disappear after two years?! Is that definitely the case? I have materials in non-completed tasks that I want to keep indefinitely - is this a problem?

Posted: Dec 01, 2011
From Topic: Browser alerts?

Is there a way, or are they plans to create, a way to get alert/reminders in browser as well as by email/SMS?

So, if I have Toodledo open (as I do all day) when a reminder time comes round an alert appears onscreen? Rather like it does with Google Calendar.

I'm using Chrome so I do get a pop up letting me know which is kind of a workaround, but an explicit alert onscreen from the site would be great.

Posted: Sep 21, 2011
From Topic: quick add task

I agree - I've said the same else where (and I want to keep saying it to show how vigorously I think this!)

The same syntax as when you email your Toodledo address would be perfect here

Posted: Aug 16, 2011

I would LOVE this - it would be so helpful! At the moment, the "quick add" space doesn't add much, but if you could quickly type like the email syntax, that'd be very cool. Remember the Milk does something like this....

Posted: Aug 16, 2011

+1 for me too - If I want to double check that I've not missed anything with a due date of today, I have to remove the all filters in the Calendar section, then manually check them all back on again. Would be great to be able to go from "no filters" back to all the filters I'd previously had on

Posted: Aug 04, 2011

I'm seriously impressed with how quickly you guys have listened to what people said in their feedback, particularly with regard to hiding the sidebar.

Great work!! Toodledo just keeps getting better!

Posted: Jul 26, 2011

Overall, I think the redesign is great, well done guys!

I can see why people would like the left bar hide option available - personally I used Stylish to create that functionality before so I'm not too bothered.

The graphics are a minor thing for me, but I do agree they're a little drab - the blue on the top bar is nice, a theme based around that would look good.

Someone else mentioned this earlier - I'd really REALLY like to see Quick Add include the functionality of the email syntax so we could add to-dos by just typing rather than clicking the mouse. Would be totally awesome - Remember the Milk does it the moment, so don't be outdone by them! :)

Posted: Jun 29, 2011
From Topic: Show Tab Counts

It refers to whatever is across the top of your to-do list, whatever view you're in. So if you have @home @computer and @shops as contexts, when you go into the Context view (by selecting View by: Context at the very top of the screen) you will see three "tabs" below the View By section with the number of tasks in like this:

@home(3) @computer(11) @shops(9)

It'll be the same for folders if you choose View by: Folders too.

Posted: Jun 23, 2011

No - all your purchases will be associated with your Apple ID, and you can download them again for free to any device as long as you add in with the same Apple ID you purchased them with.

This can be a bit disconcerting, as it sometimes still says "buy" next to an app you've already bought! But don't worry, you won't get charged twice. Just remember to use the same Apple ID!

Posted: May 10, 2010

I am trying to archive the folders that no longer have any active tasks, but when I go into Manage Folders, the folders I know have no tasks in still sometimes show a number great than 0! What's going on?!

I've searched this forum, and a number of other people have mentioned this, with the replies saying maybe tasks are hidden because of filters. That's not the case here - when I click on the number of tasks in the Manage Folders view, it takes me to that folder and the message within says "you've done everything in this folder!". Just to be sure, I've turned all filters off and still there is nothing in there.

What gives? Has anyone else experienced this?