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Posted: Apr 23, 2012

I only started using toodledo because iphone didn't have task/todo/reminders app (I'm still on iOS4). Outlook has been around a long time and I've been able to maintain all my information there.

Websites and apps come and go and they don't make it easy to switch. Sure they each might have import/export options, but that doesn't make it easy (I haven't figured out how to export toodledo notes and import into evernote for example. I started working on a perl script, but that is a lot of work to move my data).

Thanks for the tip on Task Unifier, but that seems like adding yet another app into the mix. What advantage does it have over tooodledo.com site?

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Posted: Apr 20, 2012

My information is getting so scattered since I got the iPhone 2.5 years ago. I used to have everything in Outlook since 1998 sync'd with Palm and then several PocketPCs (contacts, calendar, notes, todo).

Then came iPhone. A co-worker recommended Toodledo when I got it and I had Chromatic Dragon ToodleDo Sync working so everything was still fairly syncronized. But then I got a WinXP 64 bit laptop and I can no longer get ToodledoSync to work (or something with our firewall/proxy changed). And iTunes doesn't work with XP64, so no sync there :(

So now I have....
(1) Work Outlook with contacts, calendar, notes, todo

(2) iPhone with contacts, calendar, notes, todo (I have gotten exchange to connect so calendar is somewhat in sync but contacts are duplicated). It is nice how the iPhone notes are searcheable from the homescreen comapred to opening an app, wait, find the search window, type, wait etc...

(3) Toodledo site/app for todo and most of my notes (I've let Outlook get out of date on these two since not syncing)

(4) And lately I have been playing with Evernote which I *really*like* for the capability of adding images to notes and the "browser web clipper" to quickly save bookmarks or cool new gadget pictures, etc. I really wish Evernote would add better todo management, or Toodledo would add image storing :-/

Anyway.... does anyone have Toodledo Sync working with XP64?

Help me get this mess under control!!!

Posted: Mar 02, 2012

* Bullets, checkboxes, and tabbing
* Bold, Italic, etc (Yes, I know I can do with the html coding, but I would hope this would be much simpler with a B for me to click on to bold something)
* Image uploading (this would eliminate any need for Evernote)

I agree with these but realize that allowing image uploading would massively change the storage requirements for Toodledo's servers.

I'd like to see:
-in the iphone app, a big search button on the bottom that searches everything. 50% of time when I open the app on my iphone I want to search for something. And having to navigate from my default view of Hotlist Tasks (the other 50% of usage on my iphone :-) to all tasks, then pull to top, then wait i wanted to search a note.... is such a pain.

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Posted: Feb 16, 2012
From Topic: Notebook HTML Tags

Can you add support for the <pre> HTML tag? I routinely have some text that really needs to be viewed with a fixed width font. Source code or a small table of information. With a variable width font and HTML's compression of X spaces into one, formatting a small table is impossible.

Example try to use '.' to space things:


20 120-170 200
25 117-166 195
30 114-162 190
35 111-157 185
40 108-153 180
45 105-149 175
50 102-145 170
55 99-140 165
60 96-136 160
65 93-132 155
70 90-128 150

This looks fine with fixed width font but is unreadable with variable.

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Posted: Nov 28, 2011

I am getting this popup error from Windows XP IE8 pretty regularly:
"this tab has been recovered"

I think it happens mostly when I switch between tasks and notebooks in the toodledo site.

Posted: Nov 22, 2011

Could we have a way to add checkboxes inside the notes of a task? This would be useful for lists like shopping list and packing list. Evernote has something like this to create todo's inside notes. This would be a way to create a list inside a task. Tapping the checkbox would show/hide the checkmark.

Posted: Nov 22, 2011

Since this basically works:

Can you make a similar feature/url for new notebooks? This would help a lot in making toodledo notebooks useful for "web clipping"

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Posted: Nov 22, 2011

I've been playing with Evernote a bit again. Any news on getting some more notebook functionality in Toodledo?

(1) I think the iPhone app really needs a big search button at the bottom, there is plenty of space. The search screen could give quick options like search tasks or notebook, date, etc...

(2) Any chance of allowing pictures in notebooks, giving us a small disk allowance per month? I see that you allow uploads for pro users. Looking for a small amount of space for free :)

[edit-remove #3]

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Posted: Jun 28, 2011

Any update on adding the notebook to the slim version of the website? Recently got a NookColor and the slim website works great on it, just need to access my notebooks.

Posted: Mar 07, 2011

Any plans to make Notebooks more "full featured"?

I have been using the Outlook notes, and they were sync'd into Toodledo with the windows sync app. This works.

Recently I tried Evernote and it just seems a lot more powerful. It would be nice to have that sort of capability rolled into Toodledo so I don't have to have yet another app/website to sync.

One of the big features that I didn't really think I would use is capturing a photo as a note itself. This is handy in so many ways...
-we have a nice diagram drawn on a whiteboard and I need to save it (sure I could just take a regular photo, but then it is stored with all my family photo's and that isn't a very usefull place to be used as reference
-capture a menu to have on hand for later
-capture a post-it note so it is always with me and I don't have to type it in

Obviously, photos would eat up a lot of storage space compared to the text only notes/tasks you guys have now.

Posted: Mar 07, 2011


Evernote - just started playing with this. I like the idea of photos in the notes, just so convenient to snap a picture of something vs. trying to type it in sometimes. I'd prefer to just have it in my Outlook notes though, then it is sync'd to my PC and I don't have another app/website to sync.

Toodledo - any updates on adding features to the Notebook? I vote for photo capture from iPhone.

MobileRSS - RSS news reader - using the free version and it works pretty well.

LockInfo - jailbreak app to put calendar on LockScreen. I have Toodledo hotlist on here too via a RSS feed.


Outlook - sync'd with iPhone via iTunes and Toodledo Sync Application

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Posted: Apr 20, 2010
From Topic: Bookmarklet

Is there a bookmarklet for adding a task yet (while at any webpage, not on Toodledo.com)? There are numerous for twitter and special Toodledoo page summaries...

I'd just like to have a button on Internet Explorer I can click and it will add a task. Some options or variants would be to automatically copy the URL from the current page into the task's description.