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Posted: Aug 28, 2012


I am always looking for an app as good as toodledo but with better calendar/scheduling. Would you mind saying which system you are migrating to?


Posted: Jan 05, 2011
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Posted: Nov 25, 2010

I also dislike the pastel colours in the default version, but find 'Inky' is fairly acceptable - simple and businesslike. It doesn't embarrass me if other people catch sight of my screen!

As it is an 'official' colour scheme, there are no display problems either.


Posted: Feb 11, 2010

Hi MIke,

NIce to see someone else from the AF forum over here!

Your description of setting the weekly and monthly dates sounds right to me. If you haven't already noticed, the calendar window that opens when you click on the due-date setting, shows quick dates, including one week and one month ahead, so that is very handy for DWM.

To view your tasks, you can sort by due date, as you say, but this will give you one long list, not the series of closed lists that Mark advocates. There isn't a setting in TD to view lists by separate days, as such, BUT there is a work-around: if you use calendar view and then click on each date for the next 30 days in turn, you will see the list for each day, without anything else. I think that will give the effect Mark describes.

Sorry, I don't have an iPhone, so can't comment on the merits of TD's native app vs PI.

Also I don't know if the work-around I just suggested is possible on the iPhone - apologies if it isn't - in that case I think you would have to work from one long list.