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Posted: May 17, 2011

Posted by Toodledo:
Each week we get dozens of requests for an official Android app. We hear you all loud and clear, but we can't magically produce one over night. It took us 2+ years of continuous work to get the iOS app where it is today and it will take a significant investment from us to get an Android app out the door. We have a plan that has been put in motion, but in the meantime there are 7 third party Android apps that work with Toodledo and they are getting better with each update.


This is what we would like to hear, it would have been nicer if it was sooner but I am not complaining. I thank you none the less.

Recently DailyBurn - another iOS centered app developer has launched an Android app due to the overwhelming feedback from their Android Users. I hope to see Toodledo follow suit in the near future.

I agree it takes a while to polish something, hence it is always beneficial to start sooner.

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Posted: May 16, 2011

I have been meaning to post a thread of a similar nature about a year ago, and even then there has been an abundance of similar threads already. I was deterred to post simply because of the response by the Toodledo Dev Team on the subject.

I understand the reasons behind the disinterest and the problems they will face, but waiting or avoiding isn't really a solution. Google can't really vouch for non Nexus Android phones, so Toodledo, like other Android developers should focus on Nexus phones alone.

Already we are seeing evidence of manufactures verging closer to the path of stock Android and with efforts like this, it would also motivate the manufacturers further.

I am posting this as an iOS user. In the future I see myself owning both an Android and iPhone for work and play respectively and I would love to have Toodledo on all of them.

Posted: Apr 10, 2011

Hi Benjamin, I just discovered your app and plugin and would like to thank you for your efforts. I believe your work completes the missing link in the Toodledo system.

Perhaps this has been suggested but what are your thoughts on clipboard integration, in eg like Things Quick Entry window http://flic.kr/p/9xoDTh

Posted: Jan 31, 2011
From Topic: How To Token Cache?

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.

Posted: Jan 30, 2011
From Topic: How To Token Cache?

Hey guys, I am not a developer, just a meddling geek hoping to increase my productivity so please excuse me for my lack of knowledge.

My task is to use the GET queries from the browser address bar to add tasks. I was hoping to achieve something similar though not quite identical to quick adding events on Google Calendar from the Chrome address bar utilizing this:


I have had success creating tasks on Toodledo using:

http://api.toodledo.com/api.php?method=addTask;key=your key;

but since tokens only last four 4 hours, my success is short lived.

So I would like to know, is it possible to cache a token via javascript or something so I can execute this task as a bookmark/bookmarklet?