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Posted: Apr 11, 2014

The backup utility assigns a unique numerical code to each backup, so I don't have to manually change the file name each time I save it to the same location.

The export utilities for completed and uncompleted tasks, as well as notebook exports, do not assign any sort of unique identifier, so I have to manually insert the date at the end of the file each and every time (i.e. "toodle-current4114.csv".

Any thoughts to assigning some sort of identifier, preferably the date, to these three export files?

Yes, I save all three files as well as the backup .xml file each week. I recognize that the .xml file includes everything, but in a pinch, I can load up .csv files in Excel for any missing tasks, old notebooks, etc.

Not sure if this was the right forum area for product enhancement requests, apologies in advance if that was not the case.


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Posted: Apr 03, 2014

Thank you Jake.

Posted: Mar 28, 2014

Does the backup contain ALL current and completed tasks, if not, for what amount of time?

I currently "backup" all current and completed tasks plus all notebooks every week by using the export function. Which is better, or do I still need both?

Posted: Mar 28, 2014

I got burned one time on an old task that I could not retrieve due to age, so I've made it a weekly habit ever since of exporting my uncompleted and completed tasks, as well as notebooks. I just noticed the backup option for the first time and added that to my weekly maintenance activities, although I have absolutely no idea what is included in that .xml file. What do I get out of regularly using that backup feature relative to simply exporting tasks and notebooks, is it necessary, is there some overlap between the two, etc.? Someone please let me know, thanks.

Posted: Feb 11, 2014

This is a continuation of my question about simple default view functionality for ToodleDo -- rather than asking for something to be added to ToodleDo, I am asking for the ability to have something removed from ToodleDo. Specifically, under "View By", "Main", currently the following five options are offered:

- All Tasks
- Hotlist
- Recently Added
- Recently Completed
- Recently Modified

Why not offer each of those as individual options that can be selected or deselected? Personally, I only need the "All Tasks" option out of the entire five available under "Main", I never use the other ones. But others might and I respect that. Can it be that difficult to do that? How do we go about sending in feature requests for ToodleDo, I'd like to submit that one? :)

Posted: Feb 11, 2014

More info - if I add back "Folders" as a used field, then I get exactly the option that I want in terms of that plain vanilla "All Tasks" or "No Folder" option for default view. BUT, the trade off is that I get a column "Folder" with the entry "No Folder" under each and every Task. Not good. Any other thoughts, anyone?

Posted: Feb 11, 2014

I don't use folders anymore, so I don't get the option "Folder" under "View By". I would love to set "Folder" or "No Folder" as my default view but I don't see that option.

Posted: Feb 09, 2014

I have two computers that are basically mirror images of one another. On my main computer, the default view on the "main" ToodleDo page has "All Tasks", "No Folder" and nothing else. I love it, short, sweet, simple, to the point, easy to manage. On my other computer, the default view on the "main" page has "All Tasks", "Hotlist", "Recently Added", "Recently Completed", "Recently Modified". Whew. I use NONE of those, it makes for a busy "main" screen, and every once in a while I hit "Hotlist" instead of "All Tasks" and wonder where all of my tasks have gone. Moreover, once I hit the "View by - Main" option or select the "Tasks" tab, ToodleDo forces me to select a view other than that simple elegant "All Tasks", "No Folder" and nothing else view that I like. And I can't figure out how to simply get back to that simple view, then it just happens by accident. Or I'm missing something. Help. Thanks.

Posted: May 11, 2013
From Topic: Best Android App(s)?

In the interests of household harmony, I've purchased my first Android 4.0 tablet, so that the kids can borrow the iPad and I can still get stuff done.

Obviously there is no official Android app, but I was hoping that some one could please point me in the direction of the current, best app(s), client(s), solution(s) for Android tablets. Looking to perform the same basic daily activities on this new Android tablet as I currently do on my iOS devices (i.e. create/modify/view tasks and notebooks). I sort tasks by due date, folder and tags, and I do not sort notes at all but I have a lot of them and use them often.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Posted: May 09, 2013

I'm not sure about the rest of the greater ToodleDo community, but I continue experiencing Notes sync issues between the ToodleDo Web site and the ToodleDo app on my iPhone and iPad, even after the most recent update that was supposed to resolve these issues.

There is no rhyme or reason to these issues, and they occur intermittently, but I can give a couple of definitive examples:

1.) If I create a NEW Note in the ToodleDo app on my iPhone or Ipad, or on the Web site, and sync, everything is fine, everything updates everywhere, no problem.

2.) If I modify an EXISTING Note on the Web site, it generally will NOT update the ToodleDo app on the iOS devices. Likewise, if I modify an EXISTING note on one of the devices, it will not update the Web site.

3.) After this failure occurs, if I were to go in and then create a NEW Note, then everything will usually start to sync correctly, including the recently modified EXISTING Note. Doesn't always happen, sometimes I have to close apps then restart, then create another NEW note, etc. but eventually everything syncs. Usually.

4.) 50-70% of the time since the update, when I either add a new Note or modify an existing one, in the iOS app on either device, I get a solid grey bar directly above or near said Note, with the text "<NULL>" on the left hand side of the bar, and the number "1" off to the right hand side. A refresh will not get rid of this issue, I have to literally close the application then restart it. And then it goes away.

I have the benefit of another ToodleDo power user in the house, my wife. She is experiencing the exact same issues with the exception of the "<NULL>" message which she has not seen, yet. I told her that I would submit one ticket on behalf of the two of us, which I just did. In the interest of time, I wanted to also share my experiences with the greater ToodleDo community, just to make sure that I/we aren't the only ones experiencing these Notes issues.

So, is anyone else experiencing these issues?

Posted: Mar 07, 2013

I have installed 3.0.3 on an iPod 3G, while keeping 3.0.1 on an iPhone 4S, ran some tests, here is what I found...

1.) Speed issues are GONE. I'm not even doing a fair comparison here...the speed to load up the ToodleDo iOS app, toggle between functions, sync, etc. is almost identical between the iPod 3G and iPhone 4S. I'm not sure how Jake did it, but he did it, I'm impressed.

2.) Look and feel issues appear to be getting better. I agree with previous post about the new banner up top, just use the old one in 3.0.1, or the previous one in 3.0.2, this latest one is definitely a little odd looking and doesn't match the overall look and feel of the application.

3.) More look and feel advice...if you would simply and only slightly BOLDFACE the title of the task, just like in 3.0.1, it would look a LOT better and solve many perceived issues that really aren't there. The fact is that there is a lot of wasted space and useless functionality (the Quick Add Task field up top, please just get rid of it!), but even with that, if I do a side by side comparison of the look and feel of tasks from 3.0.1 to 3.0.3, there's actually more space and more information provided per line from new to old, the problem is that it is lost because the font isn't different for task title vs. descriptors like repeat, status, tag, due date, etc. underneath. Fix that and everyone should be happy (but they won't be, sorry Jake).

As far as I am concerned, Jake and team have done a fine job with this latest update, I'm sure that it will only get better, and I am going to update all of my iOS devices to 3.0.3 immediately.

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Posted: Mar 04, 2013

Posted by JPR:
FWIW, if you sync with iTunes for Windows, you can find the old version of any app you update in the Recycle Bin.

The single most helpful piece of information that I could find in eight pages worth of mostly opinion pieces on the subject of the new release.

I have rolled back to 3.0.1 and stuck the .ipa file up at my Dropbox account just in case I update by mistake. Since everyone is giving an opinion, here is mine...clearly the ToodleDo team put some good time and effort into this latest release but it misses the mark. Look and feel is OK but I like the old look and feel better, and I am not alone. A lot of wasted space, replication of similar functions, and a lot of new functionality that is worthless to me personally. I just want a basic to do list sortable by two criteria (date and tags), that looks and behaves like the Web site does. But the biggest issue to me is the speed and delays with the new iOS app on an iPhone 4S and iPad2. I was on vacation when this latest update came out so I really couldn't kick the tires on it until yesterday/today, it is SLOW. I mean toggling between functions takes a LONG, long time. I see a lot of inferred advice about deleting completed tasks, uninstalling/deinstalling, etc. I will be doing NONE of those things unless specifically directed to do so by ToodleDo and even then, I question why I would need to do that with a supposedly better, faster, more improved app?

Until I am forced to do so, or I see some compelling evidence that 3.0.2 is the fix/update that we've all been waiting on, I have no intention of updating again. But the good news unlike a couple of other misguided folks is that I have no intention of leaving ToodleDo. I've checked out the alternatives, several times, for my own simple purposes, nothing beats ToodleDo, even an update that is worse than the original. Maybe there's some reason behind the requests for a "ToodleDo Classic" alternative after all. I totally understand that that is NOT going to happen, but, at least consider using the old look and feel as much as possible with the new functionality. It WASN'T broken, it looked and worked great, for years, why change it? You're not going to be all things to all people, why not at least keep it simple and great looking, leverage the investment that you've already made and keep the majority of your client base happy? I'm not jumping ship, I believe in ToodleDo, it's the best to do app out there, even with this lousy "improved" fix/update.

I have to believe that ToodleDo is going to prioritize fixes based on their own views coupled with the majority of Pro-related complaints, then the masses get their say. I get it. Speaking as one of the many non-paying masses, I would suggest speed issues, then look and feel, then everything else everyone is whining about. But please do fix it and soon, before even I have to start taking another look at alternatives, again.

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Posted: Mar 04, 2013

I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this, but I posted a separate question before I saw these related posts, trying to save Jake and ToodleDo time and confusion here...I will gladly submit a ticket but again, I'm thinking that my issues are all part of this bigger issue - performance (speed) with the new release. In my case, specifically, I see a dramatic reduction in speed as I toggle between main functions in the app when viewed on both an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2. Going between Tasks and Notes, or Notes and Settings, or any function back to Tasks, results in a very noticeable and very annoying delay. If I make the mistake of double tapping tasks, I get sent out to the main screen vs. my primary view (folder), which is doubly annoying. I'm getting used to it and the other posts have provided me with the sense of relief that I am not alone and that a fix might be on the way. Not sure, hard to tell what's what in this post, I saw Jake's submission to Apple for improvements but I'm not sure if that is going to cover my specific issues? I saw a couple of recommendations relative to deleting completed tasks, I backup weekly so this would not be a problem for me if someone at ToodleDo vs. the forum truly believes that this will fix my issues. In any case, somebody please weigh in as to whether or not I'm posting in the right place, that my issue is the same, different or part of the overall "performance" issue, whether Jake or anyone at ToodleDo has provided an update since the most recent post about the Apple submission, any estimated time frames, etc. Thanks.

Posted: Mar 04, 2013

Apparently I am not alone on this issue, it took me some time but I do see some related posts. I'm going to retire this one and post to the others, so as to save time and confusion. Unfortunately there is no way to close out a post but I'm going to effectively close it out by not posting any more to this one :)

Posted: Mar 03, 2013

Update to my update - there are no new Settings that would impact what's going on, clearly there is a new delay across the board. And at this point I am basically talking to myself :) Maybe someone can weigh in on this, get used to it or we know about it and/or have a fix in mind?

Posted: Mar 03, 2013

Update - the delay occurs on my iPad 2. I wonder if the new application is "fatter" or more dependent upon Internet connectivity versus the old version? On the iPad, it looked like it was trying to refresh or sync as you move between functions (Tasks, Settings, Notes)? I'll double check sync settings to see if there is something new but for now, just making you aware of this delay and wondering if there is anything that I can do to resolve or if I just have to get used to it. Thanks.

Posted: Mar 03, 2013

There is a noticeable delay in toggling between functions in the iOS app, as I am viewing them on my iPhone 4S. Moving from Settings to Notes, Settings to Tasks, and/or Notes to Tasks especially, there is a new lag that did not occur with the old app. Maybe an extra second or fraction of a second, but it's definitely new and noticeable. I'm going to try out the iPad later and see if this specific to the iPhone, or cross platform. Otherwise, for the most part, I like the update, so far. I still liked the old version better though, maybe the powers that be can find it in their hearts to offer a ToodleDo "Classic" at least from a look and feel standpoint, although I know that this is wishful thinking and I'm already prepared to move on. Thanks!

Posted: Dec 13, 2012

Now that it's back on a temporary basis...

The old layout was and still is FINE. Why not just continue using it, and build whatever functionality improvements you'd like behind that layout?

Everyone's got an opinion on this one, there's mine. Thanks.

Posted: Dec 12, 2012

Keep the old look and feel that you just brought back temporarily, and build whatever functionality you'd like behind it.

Posted: Dec 07, 2012
From Topic: Export versus Backup

On a weekly basis, I export my uncompleted tasks, my completed tasks and my notebooks. I got burned one time by not having access to a previously completed task and I've been doing that ever since. I just now notice a backup function, so I'm wondering if I'm better off doing a weekly backup versus export of those three categories? Will the backup include completed tasks? How far back? Notebooks?
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