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Posted: Aug 06, 2010

I have come back to Toodledo (pro user) thanks to Got To Do integration with Pure Calendar. However I think that there are two features that would make this much beter:

1. Allow tasks to be filtered by status in Pure Calendar, that way I would only see my active tasks or "next actions" in pure calendar.

2. Create a standard shortcut to create a new task. This would allow me to have an icon on my desktop to quickly "collect" actions; even better, since I use LauncherPro I could have a dock icon to quickly create a new task. Of course this would work with other applications like Folder Organizer or other launchers. It would certainly streamline the process and offer even more advantage over the slim version of toodledo or other apps.

Posted: Aug 06, 2010

Posted by deekod:
Interesting post organizergirl, I have Got to Do installed on my phone as well, but I find setting my browser default page to toodledo slim to be far easier,


This interface allows the use of tags which I use for low/medium/high energy ratings to assist me in choosing tasks for action "in the moment"

Ideally TD slim would have searches and length tabs to allow me to work on my phone as I do on the laptop.

However, I am considering buying a Dell streak - maybe with a 5" screen I could use full TD interface..?

One of the main reasons I am using Got To Do on the droid is that I like its integration with Pure Calendar widget. It allows me to see everything that is going on in one place. The other thing that would give it a great advantage over the slim website would be to have a shortcut on the desktop to quickly create new tasks. I am hoping this gets implemented soon in Got To Do.

Posted: Apr 17, 2010

Posted by andy:
Posted by donericoson:
Posted by Rich:
If Got To Do could integrate with Pure Calendar the way Astrid does, then I would have the perfect solution: Toodledo-Got To Do-Pure Calendar. Any thoughts or alternatives?

Already ahead of you! I am working with the developer of PureCalendar now - we have agreed an integration and I have delivered my first cut of it to him - so hopefully very soon!

Fantastic news Andy! I look forward to it. Keep up the great work!

Posted: Apr 14, 2010

Posted by Rich:
Man! Right when I was halfway into working on a sync plugin for Astrid...

Here is my dilemma: I do my goal and task planning on the desktop but "DO" mostly on my Droid, also, since I use different computers in different places, having the tasks in the "cloud" is very important.
As far as I am concerned Toodledo is by far the best "cloud" task manager and I am a paid member. However, because I mostly "DO" on my Droid, the android implementation is right now the most important for me. I need good integration, presentation and synchronization. Right now this is provided by the Pure Calendar widget which integrates with Astrid. However Astrid does not sync with toodledo but does with RTM. For this reason, for the time being, I have abandoned toodledoo in favor of RTM. If Got To Do could integrate with Pure Calendar the way Astrid does, then I would have the perfect solution: Toodledo-Got To Do-Pure Calendar. Any thoughts or alternatives?

Posted: Jan 22, 2010
From Topic: Payin for Toodledo

I am a relative new user of TD and am truly impressed with its capabilities. Like many here, I have tried a thousand systems before coming home to TD.
Reading the forums I get the impression that this is a very small company if not a one man band. This concerns me because now that I found the best system for me, I want it to last a long time and to continue to improve. For this to be the case, I would guess it has to be a profitable venture. This is why I selfishly hope that every person who is using this program regularly has become a pro user. Specially considering the extremely low cost of doing so (about 4 pennies a day?)
Even with every user signing up for a pro account at such a low price I wonder how sustainable it is. Is this concern well founded? Any thoughts?

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Posted: Jan 08, 2010


Posted: Jan 05, 2010
From Topic: put "no folder" up

I would love to be able to rename "no folder" to "Inbox" and put it at the top. In fact I think that most users would like this setup so it might make sense for toodledo to have it that way by design (easier than making it changeable).
After all, every new task created is really in the inbox, no?
Any thoughts?

Posted: Jan 03, 2010

Never mind, I just figured out I had to add a new calendar instead of going into the sync options.

Posted: Jan 03, 2010

I am probably missing something obvious, but cannot figure out how to setup the ical connection to google calendar. When I go to the sync link in gcal it only gives me the option to connect to apple ical program or thundrbird. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted: Jan 03, 2010

Evernote is the ultimate INBOX. I would love to see a way of creating TD tasks from evernote.