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Posted: Aug 23, 2013

The screen just updated and it appears to be working properly as i would expect. - Please disregard

Posted: Aug 23, 2013

I typically use "priority" to view my tasks but like the Main View where it shows the bars of Top, High, etc.
When I click view Main View it shows mostly completed tasks and only a partial listing of some items.
I looked under the "show" and see that show completed tasks is "unchecked"
How do I reset the filters on this view?
How do I get all my items to show in the view except completed?

Posted: Jan 05, 2013

I use the normal website interface and recently observed I do not have a scroll bar to the right side to scroll my list items vertically, unless I move the bottom slider to the right.

Doing this I cannot see the Task name due date fields etc because they are now off the screen to the left.

In the past the vertical scroll would sit against the right edge of the normal browsers scroll like you would expect.. I don't believe I made any interface changes and see it at my work browser (Firefox) as well.

Any Suggestions? Is this a bug?
I know I could reduce the columns displayed in the grid to just fields that would fit, but the fields are needed.