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Posted: May 09, 2011


Is there anyway to manually resort tasks in all view.
In particular the Starred view

This is critical to me when trying to sort out my day activities, and is a fantastic feature that i used in "Things" app on my desktop.
I work around this now by assigning Priorities and sort asper that, however this is not as flexible as having a manual sort.


Posted: May 04, 2011

Your are right, I didn't
Now it worked

Posted: May 03, 2011

That did not work.
I also upgraded to the latest version .87, but still no luck
I am stuck

Posted: May 01, 2011

I have a problem while syncing
I have deleted few folders that were not necessary
Now i receive only one message every time i try to sync:

The folder specified in your call does not exist.

What exactly is going wrong and how can i rectify this?

Posted: Mar 28, 2011

My pro account is on trial basis which will expire in 1 or 2 days.
I am not rich and i also have a great consideration for money. (who hasnt)
All what i am saying is that the man spends 3 days a week to develop this.
So i thought 7$ is a fair price.

If we can not afford it, this does not mean that it is expensive.

Good luck to all of us in surviving.

Posted: Mar 26, 2011

I must admit that 7$ is nothing compared to the great job Benjamin is doing.
Let us be fair:

- This is the only software that is usable and makes a perfect solution for lots of people
- Benjamin does a very decent job replying to all of us
- He does very frequent changes and all of them are always impressive
- His software is very logic and is integrating with TD in a perfect alignment
- I use this software on daily basis and refer to it at least 30 times

In terms of a return of my investment (7$), lets see:
Daily usage 30 times on average
Used on 3 Computers at the moment
Fully synced at all times
I finally managed to Get My Things Done!

Yes there is a lot of things that Benjamin is working on to get this software where we all like it to be, but this is the exact reason why we should recognize that and pay this very little amount of money to show our appreciation to his fine work.

Without this software, I would have been probably still wasting long hours every day trying to find any solution, and trust me, there is no available other solution.

Keep up the good work

Posted: Mar 24, 2011

I still can not show today's tasks correctly filtered even after entering the formula. did you mean i have to put this as one formula with the two parts or only one of them will do.
Well i tried both anyhow and every time i am getting eather to much or too less.

The sub task is sorted out, but now that i have started using it, it turned out to be quit painful.
every time i wanted to start a new task the location of the task seems to be haphazard, and i have to search for it to drag it under the right parent.
Is there any way to simplify that. eg, it would be really more flexible if one could add subtasks by pointing at the parent one and clicking a key.

These are the two issues that i have for the moment:
the Today filter
entering a number of subtasks to the same parent task in a flexible and practical manner


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Posted: Mar 23, 2011

how do i create a folder (filter) to display all tasks scheduled for "Today". What is the formula for that?
I tried "due date greater than 0" but this did not return all of today dated tasks
I noticed that the missing tasks are the ones that i have created at the same day and their target dates was supposed to be today.

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Posted: Mar 23, 2011

but when i create a sub task in TU it is synced as a separate parent task in TD

Posted: Mar 22, 2011

Hi, Benjamin,

Are you still considering any solution for the subtasks to by synced with Toodledo


Posted: Mar 19, 2011


Unfortunately, I have followed the steps, but it didn't work.
I know have to rebuild the tasks.
The bad thing is that i have relied very much on TU and had all my tasks and delegations well organized on it, thinking that even if anything goes wrong my backup will help. But the backup seemed worthless in my case.

TU with iphone sync via toodledo was the closest solution i have ever found since last 2 years to sync my iphone with a proper desktop via cloud. But with a possibility of losing my data so easily make me very uncomfortable.

It would be great if you could consider a future solution.

As of for me, I am very disappointed with this situation, and I am thinking if i should finally admit that it was a mistake moving away from windows with its reliable outlook exchange 2 years ago, where at least things were working.

Thanks for your help and keep up the work.

Posted: Mar 18, 2011

Thanks Benjamin,
by all means i hold you not responsable. anyhow it cant go worth than what i have now.
my question is where exactly are these files that i should edit:

tasks.xml, contexts.xml, locations.xml, goals.xml, folders.xml

i searched through the "finder" and did not find them.
or you mean i should export them, than open the zipped files, edit it rezip it and than import it?

also when you said i should export from td, what do i do with these files that i exported from td.

Also what app do i use to edit these xml files in apple mac

Again Benjamin, I would like to thank you for this great work. you are making a very fine job and i appreciate your work very much

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Posted: Mar 17, 2011

Thanks for the great application.
on mac i messed up my data, in taskunifer e as i was playing with another app that syncs with toodledo.com. The messed up data was synced to Toodledo.com.

Fortunattly i have exported all the data from taskunifer a minute before that.
So i imported all data to taskunifer. and all data came back to taskunifer desktop. I stopped all other applications that syncs with Toodledo and made sure that the only relation is between Toodledo and taskunifer.

However every time i sync taskunifer to toodledo, the messed up data from toodledo overrides the information on the taskunifer again.

I tried many times to reimport the correct data. and i do have it correctly imported into taskunifer, but once i sync again it is overridden from Toodledo web data

Is there any way i can force taskunifer data to replace the data on toodledo.
FYI, I did try under taskunifer -> settings -> syncronization -> Sync all data with toodledo, but that still did not help.

I had allllloooot of data that is now lost.
Please help.


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