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Posted: Aug 07, 2014
From Topic: Email interaction

I love that I can forward an email to my Toodledo email and have it appear as a to do item. I find it works well and saves me a ton of typing and going to and fro as it puts the body of the email in the notes section.

But how possible would it be for the body of the email, where it was HTML, to appear as HTML in the notes?

Posted: Aug 23, 2011

In FireFox 6 (6.0) Toodledo loads instantly but then is taking a long time (1 to 3 minutes) to redraw each page when I select any item, eg, Main, Search, etc.

In IE7 the page is drawn wrong, with the main items misplaced to the left and down and overwriting the left hand column.

In Chrome, when used at the same time, everything is fine (ver 13.0.782.112 m)

I am using Windows XP pro.

I have tried starting FF in safe mode without add ons, it makes no difference

Is there a problem with Toodledo?

Posted: Sep 06, 2010

I understand the reply to the original question, but it does not work like that for me. On first invoking Toodledo in Firefox I get a mostly blank page and then after a couple or three seconds my list appears. But clicking New Task - either before the full page has loaded or soon after - entails a wait of about 12 - 15 seconds before it opens the New Task box. This only happens the first time in a session however - if I close Toodledo and then open it up again during the same FF session, it all works within 2 seconds. Any idea why?

Posted: Sep 06, 2010

Just wnat to add my voice to the consensus here. To be able to multi edit several items at once without doing a serach just by checking a box or ctrl click seems to me a basic thing. Please implement this.

Posted: Jul 14, 2010

I see this has been a request for a couple of years. Now that the code has been overhauled, is this a possibilty? When I start up in the morning, I change all of yesterdays items that I did not do (sadly, usually quite a lot!) into Today items. It would be nice to select them all and change them with one click.

Posted: Apr 23, 2010

Marphod - I cannot find any mention of BST/UTC in the iPhone settings under date and time. Could you tell me where to find it?

But in any case, if these settings were wrong, the other apps that use time, such as the alarm, would be wrong too, wouldn't they? It is only in Toodledo this problem appears.

Posted: Apr 22, 2010

PS The thumbwheel works fine in other apps, eg the alarm

Posted: Apr 22, 2010

My iPhone shows the correct time.
The web site ToodleDo shows the correct time.
When I synchronise the iPhone with the web site, the web site displays exactly the same time as the iPhone and vice versa.

The problem is that the thumbwheel on the iPhone is 1 hour out. (eg I set the thumbwheel within Toodledo to 14:00 and it shows as 15:00 when the task is viewed.

Posted: Apr 20, 2010

When I set the time of a task on the thumb wheel on my iPhone app, it shows it as one hour later when the task is displayed. This is obviously something to do with BST (I am in UK) as it only started happening since the clocks went forward. But I cannot see how to alter this in the apps settings. Any ideas?

Posted: Jan 21, 2010

How do I set a due date that is more than a few days ahead in Toodle do app for the iphone? I cannot see how to do it, it only lets me input next week, month or year, not a specific date. Am I missing something? Is there a date wheel that I cannot find?