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Posted: Jul 16, 2014

Doh! Thanks. Rt*m ;)

Posted: Jul 16, 2014

Since enabling two factor authentication yesterday, I have been unable to get my iPad to sync. I logged
Pop up saying *Success* Your login information has been saved and your tasks are being synchronized.

Shortly after that I get an error saying *Sync Failed* Unable to sign in to Toodledo. Please go into your synchronization Settings and check your email login and password. Error 1003

Steps to attempt remediation:
Unlinked account
Purged Data
Deleted App
Restarted Device
Reinstalled App
Entered account email address
Entered newly generated one time password (for the iOS app on my iPad; I am not reusing the PW I use on my iPhone.)
Same problem as before

There is a warning on the 2-factor page saying I have "two app specific passwords for the same app. This may cause problems." The app is the same, but one is on my iPhone and one on my iPad. The iPhone is synching fine (once I updated to the one time application specific password). The iPad entry on the 2 factor page shows it as the iOS app (hinting perhaps that the initial login worked)...

Raised as support ticket #51304

This message was edited Jul 16, 2014.

Posted: Nov 22, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Lists

Hi are there any plans to allow a column type of attachments in lists?

The use case is I have have checklists for software building a pc, and some of those have reg scripts that it would be handy to attach directly in the list.

I am sure there are other use cases but this one came up for me.

Posted: Oct 16, 2013

Definitely would be a useful addition!

Posted: Dec 12, 2012


I haven't loved the latest version as much as I would have hoped. I've refrained from getting into it on the forum here because I felt it was getting a little heated.

Whatever my thoughts or anyone elses, I recognised how much work you had put into the 3.0 version and, as a developer myself, I know how difficult some of the feedback you've been given must have been.

Toodledo is the best and I will continue to recommend it to all my friends and colleagues.

Honest best wishes from a very loyal and happy customer.

Posted: Jan 02, 2012

Posted by horatio8:
This feature would motivate me to upgrade to a paid account.

I have 1-upped this as I think it would be a great pro feature. I am already a paid account holder but this would rock.

Posted: Dec 11, 2011
From Topic: A few bug fixes

Thanks, it's so cool knowing that things just do keep getting better. I don't know where I'd be without toodledo in my life now.

Posted: Aug 08, 2011

Well done, excellent redesign. I continue to recommend ToodleDo to all my friends and colleagues.

I wonder could we have a "pin" icon on the floating side bar so that you could quickly toggle between floating and pinned. Sometimes I mostly want it gone but sometimes, when doing a big review of tasks I want the bar there for a while.