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Posted: Dec 05, 2012

Very helpful topic, but what happened - Nothing since July?

I've settled on Toodledo because it's so widely supported and appears to be thonlylt GTD-compliant product to straddle between Outlook 2010 on Win7 and my Android phone. I just wish they'd do a proper Windows app so I don't have to use a browser to gain access om my desktop.

There is a great third-party app called TaskUnifier which adds further features of it's own. These are only accessible and useful within TU itself, but they don't get lost syncing to Toodledo - they just don't show up.

There's also a really nicAndroidndriod app from DGTale - supposedly in Alpha, it's more remarkably complete and stable.

Anybody any experience using these two together?

Posted: Apr 16, 2010

It is so disappointing to find that after setting up a Toodledo account then installing the iPhone app. and the Chromadrake utility, the reminders set in Outlook don't work on the iPhone at all.

Like many small business users, we have a large number of scheduled tasks created, managed and completed from within Outlook so it's difficult to see what use this set-up is if reminders don't work. Surely that's the main point of having tasks synced to the phone?

I guess the iPhone app works well if you use Toodledo as your master task organiser, but having tasks synced back to Outlook seems a little pointless if reminders aren't included. Surely there's a large number of users who already use Outlook as their main task management tool and simply need their iPhones to operate as slaves whilst away from the PC, providing reminders and offering the facility to 'tick off' completed tasks, then update Outlook at the next sync. It's such a simple, basic and intuitive process it took me some time trying to find out what was going wrong before I realised it wasn't actually supported.

Consequently, I haven't used Toodledo at all and I'm still limited to working within Outlook which is fine whilst I'm at my PC, but the missed opportunity here is enormous.

Am I missing something here or are just not that many users working this way?