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Posted: Sep 24, 2012
From Topic: Siri & Reminders

Purveyor's reason is a good one. I was thinking more of being reminded of things I need to do when I open my MacBook. Sort of a location based thing only in this instance the location happens to just be the computer (or hand held) that I'm using at the time. I currently just load Toodledo in Safari for that purpose.

Posted: Sep 24, 2012
From Topic: Siri & Reminders

I'm also wondering if it works in reverse? If I add something to the Reminders folder in Toodledo's web app will it put it into Reminders on my phone when I open the Toodledo app on the phone? Could be useful.

Posted: May 08, 2010

I agree. That would help a lot. As well as search (and saved search) this would totally rock. :-)

Posted: May 08, 2010

I was using RTM for my shopping list before I brought it over to ToodleDo, so I'd worked out a sort of complicated set up - BUT - it's very uncomplicated to work with once done.

My only problem with it is that the iPhone app doesn't (?) show me previously saved searches from the website - which is specifically why I came into the forums so I could ask about that. Meanwhile though, printing it out works fine - and has advantages too.

Here goes with my set up...

I have a folder named 'Shopping List'.

I have several shopping/grocery store related contexts. For example, 'Chemist, Newsagent, Specialty Store' <-- These are places that are separate from where I do grocery shopping at so these have their own contexts.

I also have contexts for areas of the grocery store - 'Dairy, Bakery (bread, etc), Paper/Plastic goods, Cleaning, Condiments, ETC. I'm sure you get the idea. When I do a search, I sort it by context so I can generally look at my list and find where I'm at in the store and see what's on the list for that section. If I'm in the Frozen foods section, that's the area of the list I look at. It's extremely handy for that and saves a lot of time scanning an unorganised shopping list.

My plan with this, which is working rather well, is to not have to re-type in items that I buy. If I put it on the list once, I want it to stay on the list so I can review it before my next shopping trip and decide if it needs to be bought or not. So what I've done is added in my shopping list items and given them a priority of -1 Negative. When it's time to do the list for the week, anything I want to buy that week I change to a priority of 0 -- or, if it's something that I absolutely, can not forget, it gets a higher priority, but that's pretty rare.

Once you've added a few items to your grocery list and have a few you've set for a priority of higher than -1, you can go to the search link at the top of the page, and for your search query set it for:

Match ALL of the following criteria:

Folder is: Shopping List (or whatever you've named it)
Priority is NOT: -1 Negative

Be sure to save your search as 'Grocery List' so you can return to it in future.

Last week I had a lot of items for the grocery store and for the other shops so I added two more saved searches. One shows me only the items matching the above that also match the context of the 3 or 4 different shops. That way I can print that list separately. The second search I added was the exact opposite. It's all of the original search but excludes the 3 or 4 contexts for the other shops.

Printing. Before printing, you'll want to unclutter what gets printed. So go up to the section where the icons are to customise your display and click on the first one, 'Add Columns'. You won't be adding columns, you'll be removing them. I untick everything except Context. Save this, and then once back to your To-Do list, click on Search and then select your saved search for Groceries and then print it. You'll have a nice list, sorted by the context of where things are in the store (or which store you're in).

Once printed, you can then return to the 'Add Columns' section and return the columns you normally use for the rest of your ToodleDo projects and work.

What makes this work for me without it interrupting the flow of my daily ToodleDo stuff is that the shopping list items are never marked with things I use day-to-day. For example, when I'm working or at home my items all either have a 'Next Action' setting or a due date. So the grocery list items never appear for these.

On a weekly basis, it's quite easy to use. Just go to the Shopping List folder, set anything you want to be in your list as a priority above -1 and then remove extra columns, go to the search for your saved search and print.

It would be SO MUCH easier (ahem!) <grin> if I could access my saved search list via the iPhone app though. I can do this with the mobile web browser version, but the phone app is so nice, it should also definitely have this option.

Since I've written a whole lot here, I think I'll be adding this to my blog as well. I hope that's OK.