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Posted: Sep 25, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Lists


Thxs for this new feature.

The most usefull lists (for me) are checklists.
I tried to make a checkliste with it. I need to reset all checkbox (in a few click) before process a big checklist. So i can't use it yet for checkliste. Is it possible to have a global checkbox for all the checkboxs of a column ?


Posted: Oct 23, 2012

There is too many spam in Time Management Forum.

Posted: Sep 26, 2012


Master Your Worday Now
Zen To Done
Eisenhower matrix
Pomodoro technique
Get Things Done
Checklist manifesto
F. Covey

Posted: Nov 26, 2011

Simple, easy to use, fast and very productive.
Version 4.x was too slow but new version 5 is now ok !
Very satisfied.

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Posted: Nov 07, 2011

I'm using Appigo Todo for 2 years now. For me, The best iPhone app.
On the main screen, I can choose the context where i am , The list i want to use (or all lists, or focus list) and tags. I can put filters on the focus list and hide some folders.

Simple, easy to use, fast and very productive.

But ...

Todo became slow since 4.2
It became very slow since 4.3
and now todo is very very slow 4.4.2

When i select a folder or select a tag, i have to wait 5~10 seconds for screen change on my iPhone 3GS. (for 8 folders/ 400 repetitive tasks / 2 contexts / 18 Tags.)

I'm still using Todo but now looking for another app. I don't need/want to change my Phone every year.

I'm very satisfied with this app but so disappointed with the last version slowness.

Posted: Mar 01, 2011


I begin GTD one year ago with paper, then excel, then i moved all to toodledo. I stabilised 3 months ago whith about 1000 tasks and 80 folders.

Finaly the best for me is to manage task in 3 different way : single task, reccurent task, other

- I'm now have 5 folders with only my recurrent tasks : 320
- I moved my somedays, notes, checklists and other not actionable lists in my toodledo notebook as simple text lists.
- I'm using pen and paper for the single tasks (Autofocus Mark Forster backlog / close list)

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Posted: Jan 13, 2011

If you have Todo app from Appigo on your iphone you can use Notebook App from Appigo to sync notes with Toodledo

Posted: Jun 22, 2010

Hi, My XML export file is empty since last week (download or view)

I see that :
<title>Toodledo :: to-do list</title>
<description>Your to-do list</description>


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