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Posted: Aug 24, 2014

Here's my current workaround, trying to use standard Toodledo features to achieve what I mostly used the Multi-Edit Tasks Greasemonkey script for (postponing/rescheduling tasks).

1. Instead of ticking the check box provided by the script, I use the "Star" column like a check box, and star the tasks I want to edit.
2. I then go to a saved search that returns only the starred tasks.
3. Then I use Toodledo's built-in multi-edit function to make the updates I want. For me, this is usually a new due date, but at the same time I also set the "Star" flag to "No" (effectively, un-ticking the tasks once they have been updated).

This gets me what I need, not quite as elegantly as the script, but near enough.

Posted: Aug 10, 2014

Hi Eugene, thanks for taking the time to post this.
It was a bit disheartening when the latest Firefox upgrade broke this userscript, since I work with it all the time.

Unfortunately for me the fix doesn't seem to work - after following the instructions I still get the same interminable "Loading..." message where the tasks should be. I followed the workflow exactly (except that for me in Step 2 Greasemonkey has "Options" rather than "Preferences").

I'm not sure what additional information I can provide, but any ideas would be much appreciated.


- Dean