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Glenn Huther

Posted: Oct 22, 2013

Thanks Jake - glad to hear it's on the roadmap.

Purveyor - thanks for the response. I couldn't find a solution there but that's probably why it's on roadmap. Thanks for trying :)
Glenn Huther

Posted: Oct 21, 2013


Under the Show menu there is a list of Contexts and Tags that can be selected with check-boxes to temporarily refine the view.

I would really love it if you could add the same functionality for STATUSES and PRIORITIES to the show dropdown.

It would OFTEN be very helpful to use the show feature to filter out those tasks which have a relevant context but have a status of HOLD or SOMEDAY, for example... or perhaps to temporarily filter out all -1 priority tasks.

I filtering on status and priority would be as useful (if not moreseo) than contexts and tags.

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Glenn Huther

Posted: Sep 24, 2013

Posted by uttsjs:
fyi ... latest "Evernote Web Clipper" update now causes this Message

CONFIRMED for me (Win 7, Chrome) - (I wish I'd read the full thread before disabling/re-anabling to discover this!)

DEVS this plugin actually slides in from the right hand side of the PAGE (as opposed to being a pop up). See here for more info: http://evernote.com/webclipper/whats_new/chrome/
Glenn Huther

Posted: Apr 29, 2013

Great! I'm happy with that :)
Glenn Huther

Posted: Apr 27, 2013


I switch between using my laptop my second (larger) monitor so it's not ideal to have to go in to settings each time to hide the side bar.

Could you please bring this functionality to the user interface? Perhaps using the "push pin" method to pin it open? I think it'd be great for functionality without cluttering up the interface.

Ideally it would have three states (but the first two are the most important)
1) Pinned Open
2) Un-pinned (auto show/hide)
3) Pinned Closed.

See the heading "Special Instructions on use of Remote Desktop" on this page if you want to see the a microsoft app implementing a push pin.
http://www.okdhs.org/library/it/terminal_instru.htm for an example of the push pin feature.

Thanks for considering!

Cheers, Glenn
Glenn Huther

Posted: Sep 24, 2012

Thanks JPR!

I've got 80 "Active" projects and 105 "planning" projects so this method presents a fairly daunting list.

HOWEVER it's probably the best option I've got so perhaps it's my system needs to change!
Glenn Huther

Posted: Sep 21, 2012

Ok, glad to hear it's on the to-do list.

In case it helps anyone one with the same query that comes across this discussion, here's my current two-step process that seems to achieve the desired result, manually.

== Saved Search 1 - Projects without ANY subtasks ==
Context is .Projects
Checked off is NO
Has Subtasks is NO

Might as well catch these easy ones first.
@ All these need a "next action" subtask added

== Saved Search 2 - All projects ==
Context is .Projects
Checked off is NO

@ Set ^Show to "Indented"
@ Use your browser to find the text "old completed" and add a "next action" subtask to these as well.
Glenn Huther

Posted: Sep 20, 2012


I use a GTD model (with projects as parent tasks).

A very important step in the GTD system is to make sure all projects have at lease one "Next Action".

I've searched and searched and cannot find a way to do this, (I've only found really old - 1-2 years old - forums posts asking for the same thing eg http://www.toodledo.com/forums/2/6797/-35627/search-for-parent-tasks-based-on-subtasks.html )

Is it yet possible to search for projects that:
- Have ZERO incomplete subtasks (Ie subtasks that are not NOT "checked off" ... or even those with a particular status)

If this is not yet possible... I encourage you to escalate it given it's such an important part of the GTD system.

Even if it's a single custom written criteria (I.e "Is Parent without active subtasks")... at least that would get us by.
Glenn Huther

Posted: Sep 13, 2012

Posted by PastorDarryl:
Administrator, can you recommend one of the third party Android apps as better than another? I'm really confused by all of the reviews in the Android Market and on here.

I'm not an admin, but I did quite a lot of research and tested a few apps.

I ended up using this one http://www.todolist.co/

It's not pretty but it's powerful, pretty easy to enter tasks with quickly.

I'd suggest you add the new task widget to your home screen and change the settings to put you straight into "my views". Then set up a couple of customised views for yourself. That makes it super quick to use. Eg among others I have "errands" view and an "agendas" view.

(and no, I don't have any vested interest in this app - just saving you the trouble of wading through the less useful ones :)

Cheers, Glenn

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Glenn Huther

Posted: Sep 13, 2012

Hi Jake

Thanks for the response!

With due respect, it is not an illusion as you suggest.

But I have new info!

You said "We actually cheat by not searching inside closed dividers until you open them." Based on this comment I did some more tests and we may both be right.

It seems that the cause of the problem has less to do with the folders being open/closed and more with the tasks being hidden/visible (which are two different things)

To replicate this issue, in an account with lots of tasks (eg 1000) Select View by "Main" and "All Tasks" so all tasks are visible.

Now, run a search for a word of a reasonable length eg "apple" (so only a handful of results appear). It should be very slow (10-20 seconds) Due to the *LARGE* number of tasks currently visible.

Next, search for another word of similar length eg "carrot" and you'll notice it's pretty quick (1-2 seconds) Due to the *SMALL* number of that were visible before the search!

That's right - a large number of visible tasks will slow down the quick search a great deal.

(And closing the dividers DOES make all the difference - try the the same slow searches above with the dividers closed and you'll see).

I run a 2Ghz Quad Core Intel i7-2630QM with 8GB ram so this machine is no slouch. I can't imagine how bad this would be on a slower machine!

PLEASE run through these tests to experience it for yourself before discounting the issue - resolving this speed issue could make a MASSIVE improvement to usability.

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Glenn Huther

Posted: Jun 26, 2012

I apologise if this is overly simplistic... but couldn't you simply fire the call to the action_toggleDividers function just before the search is initiated, thus replicating what I did manually?

In any case, thanks for acknowledging the post.

Resolving this will make a WORLD of difference to the usability of the app - the quick search is possibly my most frequently used feature, whilst also being the most frustrating :)

(At least I have a work around now :)

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Glenn Huther

Posted: Jun 26, 2012


Running the quick search has always felt very sluggish.

Well, I've just worked something out that could change that!

I've around 1000 tasks in toodledo and running a "Quick Search" using the box in the top right (while on Main / All tasks) takes around 20 seconds to apply.

Today I noticed that running a second search after the first one only took around 2-3 seconds. Whether it was a refinement of the first search or a completely different search it still only took a couple of seconds.

On a hunch, I then reloaded all 1000 tasks so they were again visible (by clicking "Main" again) and then I **CLOSED THE DIVIDERS**. The exact same search I ran in the beginning takes only 2-3 seconds with the dividers closed!

It's also easy to see the task filtering process speeds up as the list gets shorter whenever the "Quick Search" code is running - it's definitely effected by the amount of visible tasks (which I don't think needs to be the case)

** DEVELOPERS ** PLEASE use this insight to refine the code of the Quick Search function so it doesn't take so long? Even if you programatically closed the dividers and reopened them that'd do.

FYI I've got a pretty good machine (Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM) so that shouldn't be the cause.
Glenn Huther

Posted: Jun 26, 2012

Posted by sprouty76:
The demise of GotToDo, along with the lack of an official app is going to put me in an awkward position when it comes to deciding whether to renew my Pro membership.

sprouty76: Try Ultimate To Do - it's not as pretty but very powerful once you get used to it.

toodledo developers: SERIOUSLY, consider OUTSOURCING. Find yourself a development team using ODESK . com (there's some pretty good teams offshore) and tell them to replicate the iOS app. Only ToodleDo can authorise/organise that approach from a copyright point of view. You can even plaster it with disclaimers. Once it has proved its popularity / paid for itself, you can take over the development.

Alternatively, grant ME the license to blatantly copy the iOS version and sell it so I can make a profit on the Android downloads :)

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Glenn Huther

Posted: Sep 06, 2011
From Topic: Seven improvements

Posted by Toodledo:
Yes, but we have no ETA

Re Android app - you guys should seriously consider releasing the GotToDo app as your own... I miss it since the original developer ceased developing it. It was the best to use by a long shot.

Glenn Huther

Posted: Aug 01, 2011

I too would love to hide the left hand menu.

I just don't have the spare screen real-estate when showing the columns I need.

Considering how the level of importance of this menu is now higher, can I suggest please a DHTML slideout that is still available when this menu is "hidden".

Imagine that same current menu in a slick, snappy slideout like (one of) these tabs:

Cheers, Glenn
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