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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 23, 2013

Posted by mdwarrenjr:
I also agree with the comments on the colored corners - I love that idea - but the execution is less than perfect. It seem like the shades of colors are hard to differentiate (other than red which really stands out), and they are not consistent between the ipad, the iphone, and the web-based program (and yes, I use the app on all three devices all the time). Why not make the colors red, yellow, green and blue? Orange and yellow are too close - we want something that requires no straining of the eyes or thinking, and when you scan, it should be really really easy to see the breaks between priorities. Red = top; blue = high; yellow = medium, and green (vibrant, not light) = low [and gray = negative -- Christoph]. Easy, clear, and nice for the eyes.

Hear, hear!

(And seriously, I don't have the slightest clue what the rationale is for having different colors for priorities on different platforms. Fixing this is a super-easy CSS edit.)

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 22, 2013

For what it's worth, I upgraded to the newer app in iPhone 4, and have generally liked it. How it performs in iPad, I have no idea.


Yes you can, if you know what you're doing.

I would download and install on your PC or Mac a free program called i-FunBox and use it to back up your current Toodledo app to an .ipa package on your computer.

Then you can use i-FunBox to revert to the former version if you don't like the new version.

There are other ways of that using iTunes (you can google how to back up and restore an iOS app using iTunes), but i-FunBox works for me. It's easier.

i-FunBox also makes a great free file browser for iOS and there's even an app, iFileExpress, that works as a file browser and transfer tool on iOS WITHOUT jailbreaking.

I never use iTunes to manage my iPhone anymore. No, for me iTunes is my streaming music and podcast player, and that's it.

Oh wait, I lied. Also, iTunesU (which rocks). Who am I kidding, iTunes is fabulous.

Except for managing iDevices.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 22, 2013

One thing that frustrated me was that the new colored corners for priorities on the iPhone app (which are an excellent idea) don't match the colors for the priorities on the website.

So I learned to make my first (and second) userstyle if anyone wants to check it out.

They can be installed in Chrome, Firefox, and now Opera also using Stylish.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 21, 2013

If anyone finds it helpful, I created "Simple Toodledo Theme to Better Match iOS App v.3" at userstyles.org.

You can quickly install it in Chrome or Firefox using Stylish.

Update: Stylish is now available for Opera. Here's a post about that on the Stylish creators' blog.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 21, 2013

If anyone finds it helpful, I created "Simple Toodledo Theme to Better Match iOS App v.3" at userstyles.org.

You can quickly install it in Chrome or Firefox using Stylish.

Update: Stylish is now available for Opera. Here's a post about that on the Stylish creators' blog.

Update 2: So far, so good with version 3.0.3 of the iOS app on my iPhone 4, with the above quibbles aside.

Some of those are very easy usability fixes, by the way.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 19, 2013

First impressions on version 3.0.3 on iPhone 4.

1. It's faster the last iteration. Thanks for that, Jake and developers. It still doesn't feel quite as snappy as 3.0.1, but it isn't slow as molasses either. That said, I've deleted my completed tasks so fingers crossed as those accumulate over time.

2. The strength of Toodledo is its SORTING, and yet my custom sort order for folders, which I use all the time (like "contexts", but I can designate some private) is different in different views.

Unlike "Priority" which easily maintains its order, the folder order DOES jump around in the All Tasks page.

When I am in certain folder views and click all tasks, the last folder I was in will be on top. This is as annoying as if "Medium Priority" was somehow on top -- instead, it should just always show the same sort order particularly since sort order is what Toodledo is all about.

This is aggravating as it makes me stop and think every time I change folder, and think differently depending on where I am. Can you please, pretty please, ensure that custom (or alphabetical, as the case may be) folder order is respected throughout the app?

3. On the website, you can choose to allow subtasks to default to the parent tasks attributes, but this doesn't work on the app. It ought to be an option.

4. Speaking of subtasks, please allow an "indented" mode.

5. Some things, like quick adding tasks, and adding subtasks, and even changing folder views (because the expanding list remains open) are a click less, and this is nice.

6. This next point is really REALLY important, and would be so trivial for you to implement. PLEASE listen to it.

(Really important point follows.)

The greyish colored font is not as easy to see as black font, for obvious reasons. I use this app a lot, as do many people. Not everyone has great eyesight, or has bright screens (may be dimmed to conserve battery life or, alternatively, be being viewed outdoors), etc. There should be an option for black font on a white background.

Surely this is basic?

That's how it is done here, on this page. Also on the Toodledo website itself (and the old app). And pretty much every website that gets a lot of traffic.

Black text. White background. This is doable? At least as an option?

You can leave the auxiliary information below the task in the greyish-colored font.

7. The colored corners for priority are NICE.

Really, I like the concept. A lot.

But why DIFFERENT colors for priority on the app vs. the website?


I don't want to think about what the colors mean and do distracting mental translations every time I look at my task list on various systems. It should be easy enough to have priority colors be the same on the website as on the app.

I mean, this is just CSS. You could do it in half an hour or so, I imagine.

Update: I just figured out how to use a user style to change the priority colors on the website, so I'm good here ... although it still wouldn't be a bad idea in general.

Would love for there to be a separate CSS class for Negative priority than Low priority though. :P


.pri3 = top
.pri2 = high
.pri1 = medium
.pri0 = low
.pri00 = negative [the only new CSS class]

For what it's worth, I added this CSS and the priority colors work a lot better for me, matching the iOS app:

#tasks {
color: #595959 !important;

.pri0 {
color: #6E6E6E !important;

.pri1 {
color: #797006 !important;

.pri2 {
color: #B26E01 !important;

.pri3 {
color: #700000 !important;

And for those styling by dates, you can use the CSS below changing the color to whatever values you prefer:

.date0 {
color: grey !important;

.date1 {
color: yellow !important;

.date2 {
color: orange !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

.date3 {
color: red !important;
font-weight: bold !important;
font-style: italic !important;

8. A lot of people are complaining about the amount of info below the task title in the task list. In fact, it used to be an option to enable additional details below the task if there's room to, and now it's enabled by default.

I'd prefer to have the option, but oh well. One thing though.

Every recurring task has the recurring task indicator in the checkbox. And just a few pixels away, below the task, is a miniature version of the same recurring task icon followed by the recurring frequency. The description for which begins with "Every" ... as in, "Every Friday", "Every 2 weeks", etc.

This is completely redundant.

Can you please get rid of the totally redundant miniature recurring icon co-located with the large recurring icon? Or, failing that, keep it, but get rid of the text which says "Every"?

9. Any chance that, on both the website and mobile app, the accordion divider could remember its state? So if you collapse it, it stays collapsed until you click it again? That would be sweet.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 16, 2013

Posted by Anthony Schmitt:
I started using Toodledo today to help manage my tasks at my new job, and it's working really, really well. My only major issue is that I'm so opposed to actually ever saying "Toodledo" that I doubt I'll ever share this application, effective as it may be, with my associates. It's really, really unprofessional. I hate it.

Let that sink in, devs.
LOL Gee.

Maybe they should change their name to "Task-Sorting EngineOoloogee".
Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 08, 2013

Posted by slateboy:
i think the best solution would be to have a set of "themes" where we can choose between the old look and the new look.
That'd keep everyone happy, wouldn't it?

Only if stability and speed are as good as version 3.0.1.

Because like choosing a wife, it's more than about looks.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 08, 2013

Assuming we are stuck with this new version...

I have given up and reinstalled 3.0.1. :-(
I as well.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 07, 2013

Perhaps some of us are making quite a fuzz over minor annoyances with the changes to the software?
Err, no.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 05, 2013

Posted by rjr27:
I like the recent revision of the update. There is just one issue that bothers me, and I wonder if it could be changed? This is in the Hotlist view. Items that come up during the next seven days view are listed by calendar date, rather than by the names of the weekdays on which they occur. In the previous version, the due date was shown as "Monday", "Tuesday", etc. I find this much more useful than seeing a calendar date. If you want to revise the date on which an item becomes due and go into the "Edit due date" view, the days are listed both by calendar date and by the name of the day. Could this please be changed back to how it was before? Many thanks.
It makes to have this all the same on the website and app. If it was the same as the old app, that's great. It worked well.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 04, 2013

If I make the mistake of double tapping tasks, I get sent out to the main screen vs. my primary view (folder), which is doubly annoying.
Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 03, 2013

Posted by kentpavelka:
What are you trying to tell me with the replies "Now" and "Later". This does not answer the SPECIFIC question I asked. Please be kind enough to answer. Thank you.
You can export and then delete many of your completed tasks then, when the app is working more efficiently, import them.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 02, 2013

Posted by clarewoods:
This upgrade is infuriatingly slow... is anything being done about that?

Posted by Jake:
We have already improved list loading speed by about 3x and we are working on solving the iPad crash problems that a few people are having. We will also tweak a few fonts based on continued feedback. We will then send this to Apple for a (hopefully) quick approval.

We are working on this as fast as we can. Thanks for your patience and support.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 02, 2013

Posted by profit17:
How can I revert to previous, better version?

Read the thread.
Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 02, 2013

Posted by kentpavelka:
Here's the bottom line for me. I do understand that by deleting completed tasks, that this "upgrade" will probably work on m iPad. However, I really don't want to do that IF there is a fix on the way soon that will allow me to keep my completed tasks. (I've dumped 1,000 of them already; that apparently wasn't enough, and I have no idea how many more I would need to delete anyway).

The simple question is: Is a fix on the way soon (and how soon) that will fix this without deleting this valuable information?

This app is not valuable to me if I have to dump all the old, completed tasks.


Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 01, 2013

Posted by f_murray:

After deleting all completed tasks up to and including yesterday, deleting the Toodledo app from both my ipad as well as my itunes and syncing my ipad and downloading the app for the third time I finally have it working. This is the most difficult and frustrating upgrade I have seen on my ipad. Thanks to all for their responses.

You're welcome.
Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 01, 2013

Posted by bcmyers:

I was one of the more vocal critics of the first attempt to redesign the app, and I had publicly stated based on screenshots that I expected to dislike the second attempt at a redesign. I was wrong.

There are a few things design-wise I still don't like but the functionality is great. The app flows nicely, the UI is still very intuitive, and it's easy to use. I expect the bugs will be worked out and this app will ultimately be as rock-solid stable as the prior version.

Lesson learned: don't pre-judge. Props to Jake and the rest of the Toodledo team. You're still the reigning champs in the productivity app space.

I'm not yet sure the new app is all that -- I note that the iPad users seem really put out by its design features (smaller buttons and whatnot) -- the iPhone users like myself, not so much (I guess we're used to it).

But ... the general philosophy of Toodledo in how it thinks about automatic task sorting with a large variety of options that can be turned on or off and such ... I remain a ProPlus subscriber for a reason. Toodledo has allowed me to design a system that really, really helps my life.

My system incorporates elements from other people's approaches (especially Reinhard Engels, Michael Linenberger, and Mark Forster), but it is highly-customized for me.

I am looking forward to seeing the new app run faster. :-P

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Christoph Dollis

Posted: Mar 01, 2013

Posted by fool:
Dear All

I am glad to inform you that I succeeded in downgrading from 3.0.2 back to 3.0.1. and is now enjoying the speed, the font size and the simplicity of the design.

lol Congratulations.
Christoph Dollis

Posted: Feb 28, 2013

Posted by kentpavelka:
How does one purge old, completed tasks?

Short of deleting them one by one, the easiest way is to do a search using the website.

Search > New Search

Use criteria "Checked Off" :: "Yes"

Then do a multi-edit for "Deleted". Check first, of course, that you've only chosen completed tasks.

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