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Posted: Jul 11, 2011
From Topic: Time Budget

Since I'm big on budgeting my funds down to the dollar, I think that budgeting and tracking my time will work out for me as well.

Does anyone know of an application(Web app preferred) where you can budget out 168 hour weeks by category (work, exercise, study, freeform categories )? I ideally you can run reports that show you where your time goes, and then you can adjust your time usage based on that feedback to get the desired "balance" of time usage.

Posted: Feb 15, 2011

I think it's worth it for the subtasks alone. plus you get history, secure(https access ), and file storage. I'll admit that I have not tried the competition, which for me is Omnibus since I have an iPhone.

Posted: Oct 25, 2010

I am considering putting birth days into Toodledo. Since I only use Status and Context views, ( With Active Status and Project context denoting projects respectively ), I think I will make a Project called birthdays, and maybe tag them as "Birthday" as well.

Using the start date of a week before and a due date that equals the birthday, I can be reminded that I need to say happy birthday and maybe get them a present.

Also, if I put them in order of occurence in the Project, I can see which ones are coming up in my weekly review. :)

So this project would act like a tickler, but I am not sure how to handle "buy present". Maybe another task for that?

Posted: Oct 10, 2010

I have a lot of recurring purchases( groceries, office supplies, etc ) or infrequent/one-time items as well. I feel it would be better to put any shopping list of more than 3 items and also recurring items into a list management application. For now, I am using Grocery Gadget on my iPhone, though I have Grocery IQ as well. These apps have the added benefit of tallying up the cost + taxes so that you can project costs ahead of time.

My idea is to create a task called 'do groceries, or 'do online shopping', at which point I would get the items in the appropriate lists in the shopping application.

The implementation would be application for Grocery Gadget I plan I putting all of my items into a single list, and then select the stores that I wish to go to (which filters items by store ). This produces a list of items that I need that are available in those stores.

For online items, I plan on having a store called "Internet" which means any online store. Specific online stores would start with "INTER" so that I can select them quickly and then do my online shopping.

From a GTD perspective, this separates the action of "buying" from the list of items that I actually need to buy. I think that this is a good delineation.

I could schedule these tasks to repeat a week from last completion date, and if the list is empty, then I can check it as done and check again in a week.

Anyone doing something similar?

Posted: Oct 10, 2010
From Topic: Proximo's GTD Setup

I originally tried using folders as status's ( with Inbox and Projects being special status's ) , but it really didn't fit the way I think. So now I'm trying to use contexts so that I can ask "I'm at home, what can I do here there needs to be done?"

I'm using the built in status for tasks, with my normal view hiding deferred and future tasks.

My context system is a mix of location and resources. Note that I can't use Toodledo for work tasks as for security reasons no info is allowed to be transmitted outside the workplace. That prevents me from using my phone or the Internet while I work, so I have a Work context but most likely it will always be empty.

To handle multi-context situations, I prioritize location over resource when assigning. For example, if I need to do online shopping, I just need my computer, so @mycomputer is the context. But if I need to print things to file or reference documents that are at home in conjunction an action on the computer ( such as scan document and email it )then I'll have it as @home as home is a location versus computer, which is a resource.

The assumption is that I'll have my computer and phone at home.

I have @errands, @phone as well, with a few more. @project is a special context to hold projects, and @no context is my Inbox.

For status, I used:
Hold - project/task/subtask that I cannot do yet

Active - Project that I am working on.

Next Action - task that I can do now if I have the time/resource/context

WaitingFor - project/task/subtask that is waiting for something, like a person, or funding:)

For review, I'll use another view ( I think it will be status ) to see what is on hold/waiting for so that after a Next Action task is done, I can choose 1 or more to go into Next Action status.

Posted: Oct 05, 2010

I have a Pro account with Encryption enabled, but when I notice that the login page is "http" , meaning that while my data is encrypted after I login, the "keys to the kingdom" are transmitted in clear text. That does not make sense to me.

Do I misunderstand how authentication is handled?