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Posted: Nov 20, 2013

I find this works but HTML emails do not get passed on to toodledo for some reason. Only the subject remains.

Posted: Jan 31, 2013

Thought I added a title that made that clear. Sorry. Edited to clarify.

edit: Oh, I did have it in the title only once you click on the post it is no longer visible.

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Posted: Jan 31, 2013

Daily checklist with links in Toodledo notes. I used to use Evernote for this but found it can be done right in Toodledo if you use the HTML codes as below.

See actual code here: http://pastebin.com/kdWBes8p

Start of Day
<li>[ ]Check Outlook Calendar.</li>
<li>[ ]Check Goggle Calendar. </li>
<li>[ ]Identify any conflicts.</li>
<li>[ ]set appropriate reminders for the day.</li>
<li>[ ]Read and process your email inbox: Outlook</li>
<li>[ ]Review your Projects List (W) and review Next Actions for each project.</li>
<li>[ ]Do! Based on schedule and priority.</li>
End of day check list
<li>[ ]Update Next Actions and notes for each Projects List (W) to review in the morning.</li>
<li>[ ]Review and update your paper note book.</li>
<li>[ ]clear checklist for tomorrow</li>

The <li> and <ol> stuff actually works in the notes but not in the forum.

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Posted: Sep 19, 2012

To the original post: Using GTD for 1 year isn't nearly enough time to qualify you as someone who can criticize it in any way.

Everyone loves to blame the system when their life doesn't fit perfectly into the GTD method and that is just wrong headed.

I've been using it for about 4 years read/listened to all his books 4 times each and continue to slowly implement more and more of it as I find myself more capable of benefiting.

I will be "getting it" for years to come. Change what you must for your best use, that is normal. I still haven't implemented "tickler folders" and I may never do so but I reconsider doing so quite often to make sure my situation hasn't changed.

Just don't pretend to respect David Allen by saying that after a year of use that you've found a better way or that you've identified "problems" in a system that was slowly developed over a period of 25+ years.

It's barely funny, but it is laughable.

That's my rant. Anyone who thinks the GTD system has a problem has no idea what the system is.

Posted: Jul 31, 2012
From Topic: outlook script again

This is an outlook script that will send to toodledo using the email syntax.
I know this has been done. I wish I would have searched this forum before writing this myself.
Anyway, the script I use also adds a category to the sent item.
I also make custom buttons see here:

Posted: Jul 31, 2012

I haven't tried anything with this yet. My next action would be to find the format in which freemind can accept a map then write a program that could use toodledo's exported list to generate a map.
This would be clunky at best as it wouldn't have a sync feature and would be a manual operation prone to errors. A real programmer could pull this off using the APIs I'm sure.

Posted: Jan 04, 2012

i've stopped looking for alternatives to toodledo as it has proven to be a huge waste of time for me time and time again.
Nothing comes close. I do use reqall as a nice voice capturing tool that instantly fills google calendar based on speech and is outstanding. I also use the messenger feature on reqall for reminders or calender appointments. My real GTD happens on toodledo. As close to perfect as I can get. I keep trying to use evernote as capture tool without success but I think that's my fault as I don't process it like an inbox. (until now) Now if someone could write a toodledo app for my playbook!!

Posted: Jul 12, 2011

I had the exact same thought,almost.
I was looking to translate it to freemind since it is open-source and can be imported to pretty much any mind-mapping software. Also importable to www.mind42.com putting into the cloud.
Even mobile devices have apps that support this format.
Imagine being able to select branches called Status, context, folder, and goals that contain the tasks assorted accordingly.

It should be easy. I could probably do it in Excel.

Posted: Apr 08, 2011
From Topic: Procrastination help

Careful about using GTD to get over procrastination because I know first hand that it can makes it worse!

David Allen should collect more information and add a chapter on this topic in the next publication. (even though it's worth a book in itself)
It took me a long time to figure out that without dealing with procrastination separately obsessing with GTD implementation can aggravate the problem.