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Posted: Jan 22, 2013

Hi fellow Toodledooians,

I use subtasks a lot. For example, I have a 5-step mini-project where the third step is "wait for John to review the document". So, I make a task with a few subtasks, one being "wait for John to review the document" with status "Waiting".

In the webinterface, I sometimes want to see all and subtasks with status "Waiting". I do this by clicking "Status" in the top left (View by), and then click "Waiting" below that.

This indeed shows all waiting tasks. However, for most of those tasks, I don't know by just the description of the subtask what the parent task is that this subtask belongs to. Just seeing "wait for John to review the document" doesn't tell me enough. This information is already in the parent task, but I don't see that. The parent task has status "Active", because this mini-project is active. I don't want to have to update the status of the parent task whenever I complete one of the subtasks.

I have played with all the task/subtask settings, even enabling "Indented mode shows all subtasks nested, even if the parent shouldn't be visible.", but I can't get the parent task to show up.

How can I accomplish this?

Thank you for your time.

Posted: Dec 20, 2012


I am using lots of subtasks. For example:

"Finish documentation for X"
+-- subtask "Write chapter 1"
+-- subtask "Have peers review chapter 1".

When I'm done writing chapter 1, and I've asked my peers to review it, the second subtask has status "Waiting".

I have a lot of such structures.

Now, I'd like to see an overview of all tasks with status "Waiting" and the parent tasks they are in. However, I don't see how I can do this.

I can use "inline" view, where I only see the subtasks; but then, I miss the context information of the parent (in the case above, chapter 1 of *which* document?).

I can also use "indented" view, but then I only see the main tasks that have status "Waiting". I don't see the subtasks that have status "Waiting" unless their parent task has that as well.

This problem occurs in other, similar, circumstances as well.

I would really like an option "Always show parent task when subtask appears in search results" or something. Would that be possible? Or is there another way to solve my problem?

Thanks for your reactions,
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