How to use Twitter with Toodledo

Twitter is a service that can be used to add and retrieve tasks remotely (via SMS, IM or from 3rd party Twitter apps). You can also receive alarms for tasks that are due soon. These reminders will be sent to you via Twitter according to your Twitter account settings.

Setting Up Your Twitter Account

First, select "Social Networks" from our "Tools" menu and select "Twitter". From this page you can authorize Toodledo to be able to access your Twitter account. If you do not have a Twitter account, you will have the opportunity to create one.

If you want to link Twitter up to your IM client or mobile phone, you can do this via Twitter's "Settings" page. Keep in mind that your mobile phone company may charge you to receive SMS text messages and you will be fully responsible for these charges. Neither Twitter nor Toodledo charge for sending text messages.

Adding Tasks Via Twitter

To add a task via Twitter, send a direct message to Toodledo with the name of your task. Via IM or SMS you would type something like this, "d toodledo Call Jim". The 'd' at the beginning tells Twitter that this is a direct message to toodledo, and not a public message to be posted to your Twitter profile.

In addition to the name of the task, you can also set the priority, due-date, folder, and context using a special syntax.

Putting it all together, here are some examples of SMS or IM messages that you could send to add a task:

d toodledo Call Jim !! @phone #today
d toodledo Finish the Report ! #next friday *ProjectA @work
d toodledo Mow the lawn *Chores @home

Retrieving Tasks Via Twitter

To retrieve a task via twitter, send Toodledo a message that starts with a question mark (?) followed by what tasks you want to retrieve. You can retrieve tasks based on due-date, priority, folder or context.

Putting it all together, here are some examples of SMS or IM messages that you could send to fetch some tasks:

d toodledo ?!! #this week
d toodledo ?*ProjectA @work *
d toodledo ?@phone !!! #today

Text messages are limited to 140 characters. If the number of tasks returned would exceed this limit, we will order the tasks by importance and then send you as many as we can, along with a note about how many we couldn't send you.

It may take 1-2 minutes for your query to reach our server, get processed and then get returned to you.

Reminders Via Twitter

If you have turned on reminders, we will send a direct message to your Twitter account for any task that has a reminder set.

You can turn reminders on and off from the Alarms page, which is located in the Tools menu at the top of the page.

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