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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 02, 2011
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Today we are making a few small changes and improvements.

1) In your account settings, at the bottom of the page, there is now a tool that will allow you to quickly delete old completed tasks from your account. This is similar to the account setting that automatically deletes old completed tasks, but it allows you to do it manually if you like to do this. If you have lots of old completed tasks in your account, it can cause the website to behave slowly for you, so cleaning them out periodically can be beneficial. If you want to retain a copy of old completed tasks for your records, you can use any of our export tools to download a copy to your computer for archival.

2) The counter at the bottom of the lists that shows the number of tasks hidden by filters will now be more accurate when using subtasks.

3) In the notebook section, when you are viewing a folder and add a new page, that page will default to being in the folder you were viewing instead of "no folder".

4) Toodledo starts to perform poorly for you when you have lots of tasks in your account. For example, if you have 2,000 tasks in your list, there could be several megabytes of data that needs to be transmitted to your web browser every time you view the list. Depending on your internet connection and computer memory/speed, this could take a minute to load and may even cause your browser to freeze. Similarly: searching, sorting and filtering all slow down when you have lots of data to dig through. So, we are now strictly enforcing the 20,000 task and 10,000 notebook limits which were only loosely enforced before. We are also limiting the main "All Tasks" list to displaying 2,000 tasks at a time. More than this, and it just gets too slow to function properly in most web browsers. Any list that has fewer than 2,000 tasks to display will be unaffected. If you really need the ability to display more than 2,000 tasks at once, you can make a Saved Search for all of your tasks and it will still display all of them beyond 2,000 if thats what you really want. There are not many people with more than 2,000 tasks so we don't think that this will cause much of a problem.

5) When adding or editing a task fails for some reason (like hitting the 20,000 limit), Toodledo will now present a error message with a useful description of what happened.

6) With reference to the Halloween server crash, we have put a number of safety checks and monitoring algorithms in place to help prevent this from happening again.

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Posted: Nov 02, 2011
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Great, thanks for keeping the site running smoothly.

Regarding issue #4, is there a simple way to see how many tasks I have? I assume that the 20,000 limit includes both uncompleted and completed. I can't imagine I'm anywhere near that (I don't think I've completed 20,000 things in the course of my LIFE yet), but still, I'm curious how many I do have. If there's a simple (read: no extra work for you) way to do this, I'd be interested. Thanks again!

Posted: Nov 02, 2011
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Thanks for the update.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 02, 2011
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If you create a search that matches everything (like title contains [leave blank]) and then scroll to the bottom it will tell you the total number.

Posted: Nov 08, 2011
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Thanks for continuing to make Toodledo a great tool.

I'd live to see those saves searches come to the mobile client. The way I structure my tasks I plit work and home tasks between two saved searches. being able to access those on my phone would be HUGE!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Posted: Nov 09, 2011
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Up to now, I have been looking for three fundamental improvements:

(1) The ability to save searches AND sorts,

(2) The ability to create customizable sort fields. You have this, but in a very limited and constrained manner. Your tags are very flimsy and it is very easy to make an error. For example ta g, t ag, tag are all results of entering "tag." Also, these do not have a hierarchy.

(3) Having a user-friendly way to clip notes and pictures in a way that preserves the format.

For the time being, I have moved to Evernote, since the robust multi-level tags and (3) give me most of what I want. I will be interested in returning to Toodledo when I see some movement in these areas. You have made good improvements, but I need these basics first.

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