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Forum Search, Notebook Shortcuts and more
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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 03, 2012
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Today we are releasing a few small enhancements to various parts of the website.

1) Searching the forums has been enhanced. You can now search on the author's name, and restrict your search by date ranges.

2) Keyboard shortcuts have been added to the Notebook section.
n - Adds a new notebook page.
j - Move the cursor to the next notebook entry.
k - Move the cursor to the previous notebook entry.
enter - Displays the selected notebook entry.
e - Enters edit mode for the current notebook page.

3) In the Notebook section, the "date added" and "date modified" will show the time in your timezone instead of Toodledo's timezone.

4) Notebook titles that are too long to fit on one line will wrap to a second line when necessary.

5) When you forget your password, Toodledo will now send you a link to change the password instead of sending you a random new password. This is a more secure way to do it.

6) If you refer someone to Toodledo, but forget to have them us the special referral link, you can still get credit after the fact by having your friend enter your email address into their account as the person who referred them.

7) Our Firefox addon has been updated to be compatible with Firefox 10.
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