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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 08, 2017
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This post is getting busy enough that it is difficult for me to respond to each person. Please create a new forum topic or a support ticket if you want an answer. Otherwise, please know that we are reading all this feedback and making improvements and fixes as we can. Toodledo is a very complex piece of software so it is not possible for us to test every possible condition. As everyone reports errors for specific conditions that we did not test, we will get them fixed.

Regarding the new subtask icons, let me explain what they mean:

1) Three dots: This is the "regroup" icon and it means that you are looking at a loose subtask. Click the three dots to collect all the subtasks and the parent task together. In the old design, this icon was 3 boxes instead of 3 dots but had the same behavior.

2) Arrow pointing right: This means that you are looking at a parent with hidden subtasks. Click the arrow to show the subtasks.
3) Arrow pointing down: This means that you are looking at a parent with showing subtasks. Click the arrow to hide the subtasks.
Both 2 and 3 were represented by 3 small boxes in the design with no differentiation.

3) A cross: This is the same icon as on the old design and it represents the same thing, namely a task or subtask that can be dragged to put someplace else.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 09, 2017
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Just wanted to post an update that we have been reading everyones feedback and furiously fixing bugs. We appreciate all the feedback we have received. Here are the things we have fixed in the last 24 hours.

1) The Calendar should now properly show the task bubble in Firefox.
2) The Calendar filters should now work properly
3) Fixed a bug with Safari where the dates were displaying incorrectly
4) Fixed the attachments links to the notebook section
5) Fixed a syncing bug that was preventing changes made outside of the new task section from properly syncing into the new task section for people in timezones earlier than where Toodledo lives
6) Fixed a bug that prevented the next version of a repeating task from appearing in certain situations.
7) Fixed keyboard navigation in the Priority popup so you can type 0 or -1 to select those priorities
8) Made the Menus appear and disappear quicker, so it feels snappier.
9) Improved keyboard selection within popup menus so that when you type the first letter or first few letters of something inside the menu it will select it in a way that is more natural.

Please keep the feedback coming. Its the only way we can iron everything out.


Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 10, 2017
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A lot of people are reporting syncing problems with the new Tasks section. I think this is because people are doing side by side testing with the new design and the old design. This is not really normal behavior so we didn't optimize for it.

Let me explain. The new interface acts much like an app. This is what allows it to work offline and have better performance. It syncs every 5 minutes with the server to get new information. Thus, if you add a task somewhere else (like in the old design) and then quickly look at the new interface and even press "R" to refresh the list, it won't have that new data yet. If you wait 5 minutes it will get it, or you can refresh the entire page to get it right away.

It is not typical for someone to add a task in an app and then immediately look at the website to check that its there, so we didnt attempt to make this work. When you are using Toodledo under normal conditions, 5 minutes should be plenty fast enough to get tasks that were added outside of the browser window, but if you are testing the new design and flipping back and forth really quickly, you might encounter this 5 minute lag. We don't consider this a bug.

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