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Can we use your testimonial on the homepage?
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JoAnne Burek

Posted: Aug 14, 2018
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1. Why are you using Toodledo instead of other products?
I can’t remember how I discovered Toodledo, but I’ve been using it for years. It’s flexible and it works on all platforms and my mix of systems—iPhone, Windows laptop and Surface Pro. For me, the only other alternative I would consider is a paper journal.

2. What benefits have you found with Toodledo and how has it impacted your productivity?
When I worked in my corporate job, I started building my GTD system. I kept my work tasks on the corporate system and I used Toodledo to manage my personal life. When I left that job three years ago I moved my whole life onto Toodledo.

Today I work freelance for several clients, I’m on the board of two organizations, and my life is fuller and richer than ever with hobbies, volunteering, travel, and fun. Toodledo helps me keep my commitments and determine at a glance what I can say yes to.

3. What are your favorite features?
There are many features I could call my favourites. One of them is the calendar. Any task I put on Toodledo with a due date and time shows up on my iPhone’s calendar. Even the alarm carries through.

Another is the ability to forward my emails to Toodledo and automatically turn them into tasks.

And since I recently upgraded my subscription from free to Gold, I can group tasks under higher-level tasks to organize projects.

4. What's your typical Toodledo use case?
I have found it very easy to bake my GTD system into Toodledo by putting contexts to my tasks. For instance, before I head out on foot or in my car, I check my contexts “Errands-walking” or “Errands-driving” to see what tasks I can knock off while I’m out.

And when I sit down to do my weekly review, it’s convenient having all my tasks in front of me while I review my goals and ensure that I’m not neglecting something important.

JoAnne Burek
Copywriter and owner at
Indexer and owner at
Toodledo user since 2012

Sam, I'd be happy to send you a photo if you tell me where to send it to.

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Posted: Aug 15, 2018
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I do like Toodledoo ,but i dont use it so much ,i am now attending to do it more ,very good to have it on all my computers and iphone

Posted: Aug 15, 2018
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I love using Toodledo because it was a great price per year compared to other products, it has all the organizational tools I and my staff need in one place that can be used on many devices.

I and my company's productivity has been streamlined so we all know what is expected, when to have the item(s) done, how the client wants it to look like, etc. I am on time with my cakes and cookies, the staff is not surprised with orders at the last minute, and everyone knows where to find the lists of what to do.

I love that there is a list feature for keeping track of inventory, daily tasks, etc.

I and my staff use Toodledo for keeping track of cake and cookie special orders, what the client wants and changes made to the order, where to find the original thread in our email system (thank you NOTES in the task section!) and so many uses I can't list them all


Hope Jones
This Chick Bakes
User for 6 months
Rex Adams

Posted: Aug 15, 2018
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I've been utilizing Toodledo for years for business and personally. It is very inexpensive for what you receive in value. I have recommend it to all of my associates and friends!!

Being able to break down all of the Task for different departments for follow up is key in my business! The fact that I can pull up task and assignments from any computer anywhere is a major plus without having to use my on personal computer or notebook.

Owner Of An Alarm Company

Posted: Aug 19, 2018
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I can best describe my use of it by saying that it is surely among the top...well, number one app in my life.

I am a theatre director and educator. I juggle activities with many organizations and projects. I can easily record them, schedule them, prioritize them, reorder them, whatever my needs are to set goals for the day, week, month, year. Heck, even the next hour and a half.

I have been making lists and setting goals for my life for over fifty years, and Toodledo is the best app I've ever found. My favorite thing is that it crosses all platforms: my iPhone, iPad, home and office computers. Wherever I am, I can get to my to-do list.

Nothing else contributes to my sanity like this app. Folders are easily changed, updated, and synced.

Get an idea or a request, I pull up my Apple Watch, tell it to remind me of something, and it syncs to my Toodledo list. No fear about forgetting it and having an important task bite me after I've forgot it.

And years later, I can look back over things I've done when and how. Great for remembering if something needs to be done again.

Kim Martin
Director and Instructor
Lee College Department of Theatre

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Philip Espinosa

Posted: Aug 20, 2018
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I have been a Toodledo user since 2011. As a human resource executive in higher education, I find Toodledo allows me to manage a large list of items, and to quickly prioritize, filter and sort so that I confidently get to the items I need to for today. The email integration is one of my favorite features. I use this regularly throughout the day to get items into Toodledo. I use the browser interface on my laptop, and the app on my iPad and iPhone. The tasks are always in sync. For quick entry of items I use an iOS app called Drafts 5, allowing me to quickly make a list of tasks or items, and then using built-in actions, I send this list to Toodledo. Very convenient. I use the Star feature to mark items that need my attention today. Other features like Folders and Categories allow me to track items by project, and to separate work life from personal life. I am now experimenting with the Twitter integration. Keep the updates coming!
Philip Espinosa
Assoc VP Human Resources
Mott Community College
Flint, Michigan
François Trahan

Posted: Aug 20, 2018
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Toodledo is the only app that proved flexible enough to do GTD in a way that fits my needs while not giving up on a powerful task model and the functions that come with it. It strikes a very good balance between rich features and fast use.

I have used Toodledo as the go to project and action tracking system in the following contexts:
- Director of a software department
- Juggling through a part time MBA
- Tracking of a few community projects, team competitions, events.
- Pretty much every aspect of my personal life.

My name is François, I live in Montréal (Québec).

My face is probably not the most marketable thing you can come up with... I suggest a baby golden retriever instead.

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Philippe L

Posted: Nov 17, 2018
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Hi Frank,

We are not allowed to read your newspaper article from Europe: rticle_33f327e2-2178-11e8-a186-4bbe65909997.html

I get the following message from France:

451: Unavailable due to legal reasons
We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, call 256-236-1551.

Is there another link available?

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