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Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted: 1 day ago
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Ten+ years.
Toodledo was the best.
Silver was the perfect level of functionality for me, with a reliable history.
I make it a point to not throw money away on subscriptions, but with the value of Toodledo, I made an exception.

I recommended Toodledo with the "DTG GTD" app for those who needed to use a straightforward organization web interface with a great app.

I have been swamped with life, and now that my 2-yr silver subscription is expiring, I am so disappointed.

No, I am not going to allow Toodledo to pigeonhole me into a 300% cost increase to lose functions. And no, a
500% increase to maintain the same level of functionality is stupidity. I am so very glad that others here confirmed that Toodledo truly has abandoned the Silver-level of functionality.

I have a few days to start truly comparing all these GTD competing services. There are a lot of them nowadays, and I appreciate the discussions here. The question is which ones offer the simple power-user level that I prefer.

Since Toodledo abandoned plans such as the one that I have depended on for 10+ years, I suppose I have to go through the hastle of abandoning any delusion of customer loyalty.

It's looking like most GTD services reserve the level of functionality that I had found to be fundamental are at $$-levels of cost. I'm throwing Toodledo into the heap as a mere option in the cost-benefit analysis.

I've backed up my data.
Now to start over from scratch. I'm not looking forward to this.

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Posted: 22 hrs and 34 mins ago
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Posted by MelodyB_2:
I'm sad to leave Toodledoo. I have looked at other things. But I really do need control over my private life and I don't need a kanban board or anything like that. I just need a nice little thing with multi-level tasks and decent printability.
Which alternative did you find?
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