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Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted: Feb 10, 2019
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Some of us believe management made some strategic decisions that were unnecessary. An apparent lack of development resources and an unreasonable price increase before product improvements. Many long time customers decided to leave or will be leaving when their subscription is up for renewal. Of course companies need to adjust their subscription rates and that is a normal part of business. But if you want to retain your existing customer base and that revenue stream grandfather in all of those customers. Also, don't play games by moving features around in your plans to make a customer upgrade. Treat people fairly and good things will happen. You had the loyalty but then lost it overnight.

This space is very competitive and there are companies with better products, management and larger development teams. Frankly, I was surprised with what I found when looking for alternatives. Granted it can take time and effort to evaluate, test drive and then migrate to a new system. In addition, you may have to adjust your work flow and approach. In the end I found it a worthwhile effort.

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Posted: Feb 10, 2019
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It's two sided weapon and whatever Toodledo team does, there always will be bad fortune tellers. I understand them, but simply choose not believe them, partially based on my personal experience with the team.

OTOH, there are really good alternatives - I have tried RTM, Ticktick and Clikup and all of these could replace Toodledo for me, in case I will have the need to. (Well, not Ticktick, but that is more to do with my view of China).

Posted: Feb 10, 2019
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I'm waiting for full import in ticktick to jump ship.
Owa Dev_Greg

Posted: 2 hrs and 57 mins ago
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Wow, the first time I looked at the pricing plan with any detail. I always over looked toodeldo's awkwardness because it wasn’t charging the silly $5-6 a month fee like many other plans. Now toodledo is charging these silly numbers and what are they offering for this increase in cost? nothing.

Not good, I have been using toodeldo for 8 years. I guess I will have to start looking elsewhere
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