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Posted: Oct 21, 2008
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Posted by gaines.atty:

I'm not a developer, but have read several threads over the months -- seems Apple has locked down the Calendar so developers can't get to it. So I suspect there'll be no "push to calendar" by anyone in the foreseeable future.

ToodleDo's SMS system is too rigid for me, as I need different timed alerts for different tasks (i.e., some may need a week in advance; others, 10-15 minutes). Quickest work-around I've found = 99 cents TextLater, a fairly new iPhone app. Allows you to quickly arrange an SMS alert to yourself (or anyone on AT&T) at any date/time. Golden!

Thanks for your suggestion, Rick. I just bought TextLater and it is a perfect alternative however it would be awesome if we could have this incorporated into Toodledo. For instance have a selectable tic next to each task and if you check it will call up TextLater. Then have a way to get back in Toodledo for ease of use. Or you could have a selectable radial button when you hit the edit box., etc. There are many ways to do this with a little imagination. Let me know if you want some more ideas, I am full of them : )
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