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Bidirectional sync with iCal (Beta)
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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 18, 2010
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The great guys at have created a tool to sync Toodledo with iCal on your Mac. This is a two-way sync, so changes made in iCal will be sent to Toodledo and vice versa.

This tool is in beta right now. If you are feeling adventurous, here is the link:

Please send all bug reports and feedback to

Posted: Mar 18, 2010
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I went to this link, and it says I need Todo in order to use this syncing software. But I just want to sync both ways between iCal and Toodledo. Don't need Todo.

Posted: Mar 18, 2010
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Todo is not required to sync from iCal <--> Download the Beta version of Appigo Sync for Mac and go to the Modules tab once you have Appigo Sync installed and running.

Visit the following page for more in-depth instructions on how to configure it:

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Posted: Mar 25, 2010
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That's great :-) I'll try it immediately


Tried... it works fast, but has 2 problems
it's free in beta, then becomes a paid module, pricing yet to be announced
you cannot choose how to sync, it creates a calendar for every folder
For the rest it works flawlessly allowing bidirectional sync, a native method would be better, but by now it gets the work done

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Posted: Mar 30, 2010
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It appears that reminders/alarms set in iCal do not create a reminder in toodledo. Is that possible?

My end goal is to be able to have my iphone display a reminder every time a new todo is added. Is this possible with the Beta sync?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 30, 2010
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You'll have to ask Appigo.

Posted: Apr 11, 2010
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Beware. The beta tool will erase everything in iCal and replace all of your calendars with data from ToodleDo. Be sure you have backups (TimeMachine and/or sync with MobileMe or other WebDav) and READ everything about the beta and how to configure it before proceeding.

Posted: Apr 12, 2010
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I tried this out the first day. It did not erase my iCal data (which I had backed up), but created a calendar for each folder in Toodledo. Depending on the nature of the task, some showed up as tasks and some as events. Stars seemed to have disappeared. I cleaned this up and then turned on synchronization with the system calendar in The Hit List, which is what I was aiming for. This seemed to work OK, but the names of tasks were appended with tags, etc. AND my Toodledo tasks were somehow mangled--some deleted.

In the end, I turned it all off and restored iCal and Toodledo from the backups I made immediately before experimentation.

This is a beta, but looks promising.

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Posted: Jul 04, 2010
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As konetidy said, this did delete most things in iCal. At first, it took out everything. Then I restored and tried again, and it deleted all but my work calendar, which I had just added a test event to. The Appigo sync set-up instructions mention nothing about this. This seems pretty negligent on their part.
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