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Suggestions for Greater Viewability in iPhone App
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Posted: Apr 29, 2011
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Let me preface my statements by saying, for the upteenth time, that ToodleDo is the greatest application on Earth, I could not live without it, both the Web and iPhone apps are fantastic, and the developers and company behind the product should be recognized regularly for their efforts in both releasing and supporting a GREAT solution. Thank you, again.

As a regular user of "the basics", I'm big on simplicity, sorry. in the spirit of championing simplicity over functionality, recent enhancements seem to take away from the viewable area of the screen when using the ToodleDo iPhone app. Following are my own observations, and maybe a few suggestions for change...

In Tasks, nearly one third of the entire top of the ToodleDo app for iPhone's screen is taken up with what I would term "non-optional header" information. Yes, it's nice to know that I am looking at my "Business" folder, and that I can get back to my other folders, or add a task, those are what I would term somewhat necessary functions. But the big "search" bar? I haven't used it yet, but there it is, taking up a lot of room. And the additional header that shows me my hidden tasks (0, I don't hide tasks) and how my tasks are sorted? Useless, at least for me, and, again, it takes up a lot of viewable space. It would be nice if I had the option to get rid of some or all of those headers on the iPhone app and create more viewable space for the Tasks themselves.

For Notebook, the issue is a lot worse. I don't use any folders for Notes, so you can imagine my frustration at a large header up top that says "Folder - No Folder", right beneath the large title of the Note itself. Again, the combination of those two headers take up about a third of the viewable area of the iPhone's app, and in the case of a Note versus a Task, that means a lot of scrolling just to get through even the smallest of Notes. Again, one solution might be an option to get rid of the Note title (or at least reduce its size), as well as the ability to not have a folder header if you aren't using folders, so as to maximize the viewing area of the Note itself.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: May 01, 2011
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Thanks for the suggestions. We can't comment on a timeframe for implementation, but these are on our to-do list.
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