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Posted: Jan 05, 2009
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I´m starting to get too many folders and tasks in my account and created a new account for stuff that are just job-related, but how do I move my folders from my previous account to my new one?

Thanx, Klas

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Posted: Jan 05, 2009
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I think contexts are supposed to help manage that complexity.

Nonetheless, if you want to move folder to a new account, I would export your tasks using CSV, open the file with Excel and remove the tasks you don't want to carry to the new account, then save and import that CSV into the new account.

Posted: Jan 05, 2009
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I agree with JWest. Context should helps with separating job-related with home-related(?). If you have 2 accounts, then you end up with 2 separate places to look.

If I remember correctly, Contexts aren't enabled by default so you may need to go Account Settings > Fields Used and enable Contexts.

For info, I use the following Contexts
Agenda - Discussion topic if I meet someone or content for a meeting
Computer - Things to do whilst at the computer
Errands - Things to do whilst out and about
Home - Things related to Home
Office - Things related to he Office
Phone - Phonecalls

You can have as few or as many contexts as you like to suit your own system.


Posted: Jan 07, 2009
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Thank you very much. CSV sounds like the way to go.

About the contexts, that is the main reason i like toodledo so much, but i´m kind of a project guy and for each project i use a folder (I´m doing research and live on a boat so my life is just about projects everywhere). So it´s really the number of folders that are starting to get too many to get a grip on, especially when using the iphone interface. But i was taking a better look at all preferences and plan to upgrade instead to get the subtask option. I guess that´s the easiest way to get the number of folders down.

Thanx a lot for great replies and an excellent service!

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