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Using contexts in outlook with Toodledo
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Posted: Jan 06, 2009
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Dear Toodledo,

Is there a way that one can implement contexts in the tasks that we create in outlook so that when synchronized with toodledo, they automatically fall into a specific context for each task.

Let's say I create a task in outlook and call it fix broken table and under notes, I can place
So, when toodledo receives it in synchronization, it automatically checks the notes section of the tasks and places the task in that context and may remove the above mentioned text.

I really love the context idea, as it further simplifies the idea of categories.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 06, 2009
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I'm not sure, you should ask the developer of the Outlook sync tool.

Posted: Jan 06, 2009
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Thanks for the response Toodledo,

I found the information on how to go about implementing Toodledo contexts
I am pasting it here for other users for reference

The website with the documentation is

Custom User Fields

You can set up custom fields in Outlook to show some Toodledo specific information for your tasks

Use the following process for Outlook 2007

right-click on your Tasks page and select 'Show Fields'
click 'New Field'
type in the name of the user property to display(see below)
Ensure the type for all properties is set to 'Text'
The following properties are currently supported

toodledoid - shows the toodle id of the task
tdstar - displays whether or not the task is starred on the Toodledo site
tdcontext - shows/sets the name of the tasks's toodledo category.
tdfolder - shows the id of the tasks's toodledo folder
tdparent - shows the task id of the tasks's parent. If this task is a parent task it will show '(parent}' next to the id
tdtag - syncs to the Toodledo Tag field
Changing the 'tdcontext' field will change the Toodledo Context that the task syncs to. The value of this field needs to exactly match the name of a Toodledo context for this to work.

Please note that only changes to the tdcontext and tdtag fields are synched back to Toodledo. The other proprty fields are currently for information purposes only.
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