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My next email concerning the beta
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Posted: Jul 26, 2011
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I didn't realize that the new interface was going to be released today, so I was working up another set of comments to send to Jake. So here they are:

I just did a stupid experiment, but it revealed the worst thing I've found yet in this new format. If I switch from Notes to Tasks without saving my edits, I don't get a warning, and whatever I've added is erased! There definitely should be a warning when I switch if I haven't saved my edits. I just lost a bunch of them.

"Add Page" should be "Add Note". It is a note, isn't it? I looked for an "Add Note" button for a second or two before I decided "Add Page" must be it.

The Edit/Cancel buttons would be better over to the left of that panel. Actually, I think the Edit and Save buttons should be the same button, just different text, maybe different color?.

In the beta, my work flows much better, in part because most of what I use is over to the left. I rarely have to mouse over very far to the right (except in the task table itself). I'd like to see this taken even further, so that the only things on the right are the "Settings | Pro Subscription | Signout" menu (which most of us rarely use) is over there. It now seems to interfere with that flow when I have to move the cursor all the way across a 22" screen to Edit. The Cancel button I use less, so it's not as important, but I'd prefer it over by the Save button.

Is it intentional that I can't change subtask setting (flattened, indented, hidden) in Search mode?

Don't like how buttons that control display of details and grid/multi-line mode. This can be improved. I'd prefer a Notes icon, a Details icon, and a Grid/Multi-line icon. It would give us more control, and, more importantly, be less confusing. The way it is now, you have to play with it a bit to figure out that the Details button works differently depending on whether you're in Grid or Multi-line mode. When this change required going to the Settings menu to make, this change of behavior of the Details button made more sense - there were too distinct modes of display. Now, that line is blurred - it's just a button click away. So having another button that depends on the setting of the Mode button is more confusing, especially for beginners.

Either way you go with these buttons, I think the order they're displayed in should change. Seems to me they should be in a sort of hierarchical order, from left to right. So the Open/Close Dividers button, which has the most profound effect on the display (and one that I never use. does anyone use this feature?), should be to the left. Then would be the Grid/Multi-line Mode button, the Details button, and the Print button. At least that makes more sense to me. This way, the Details button, which is effected directly by the Mode button, is to it's right, which in a GUI, seems subordinate to me, which is what it is.

In the forums, title of thread has always been hard to find - need bigger, possibly colored font?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jul 26, 2011
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Thanks for the feedback and for being a beta tester. Some of your ideas have already been implemented in the final product released today (edit button on the left, subtask settings in search).

We are trying to rename the individual items inside the Notebook section "pages" to distinguish them notes that are attached to tasks. It was confusing to have two different types of "notes". A Notebook has pages, so 'New Page" seems reasonable.

Posted: Jul 26, 2011
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This is great! Now I'll hardly ever have to leave the Search page. I can just filter a search for tags or contexts. Which begs the question, why isn't status in the filter list? Also, shouldn't there be a "Clear" button at the top of the Filters list? Maybe an "invert"?

Sorry! You guys just got the new format done, and already I'm clamoring for improvements. No rest for the wicked, I guess. :)

Thanks again for a great job!
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