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Posted: Apr 14, 2008
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Thanks for your great service
I just subscribe for pro service and I would like a way to duplicate a task .
Let me explain : When I've completed a task often I need to add a new step because this new step/task was not obvious to define before. But this new step is very often define with the same carateristics : same context, same priority, same tag and quite the same definition. And of course I want to keep for history the original task. It'll be great if we don't have to type this informations again. What do you think ?


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Apr 14, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestion. "Task Templates" is on our to-do list to think about in the future.

Posted: Jan 20, 2009
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It would be excellent if this was usable on the multiple task creation.

That way I could create (for example) a shopping list with a tag called "shopping" and a separate task for each item I need to buy. Then as I put them in my cart I could check them off.

I can do this now, but I can't incrementally add items throughout the month/week before I go shopping, I would have to know them all at the time I was in the add multiple form or else have to remember what the settings were in order to get uniformity.

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