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Separate Outlook calendars per folder ?
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Posted: Jan 12, 2009
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Not sure if this is more of an Outlook question, rather than a Toodledo one, but I'll give it a go.

My Outlook (07) calendar is synced with my Toodeldo account, via the iCal URL. In Outlook 07 (can't remember about previous versions) you can have muliple calendars displayed side-by-side or individually (or overlapped).

I have two large projects that are tasked on Toodeldo (with two main 'master' folders), and ideally I'd like to each folder to have it's own separate calendar. However, given that there's only one iCal URL, I can't see if there's any way to do this - is there some way it could be set up on Outlook to recognise which calendar a task should appear on ?

The compromise I'm using at the moment, which is a bit clumsy, is to have two Toodledoo accounts - one for each project. This gives me two iCal URLs which is easy to handle with individual calendars on Outlook.

The main niggle with this, is that on my iTouch, I'm having to use the Toodledo app for one account, and the Todo app for the other. I much prefer the Toodeldo app, so would really like both projects to be on the one account.

Is there any other way I can achieve this ? ie only one Toodeldo account, with both projects on, using only the Toodledo iTouch app, but with two calendars on Outlook ?

Grateful for any advice / ideas.



Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 13, 2009
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Sorry, but I don't think that it is possible to have different folders go onto different calendars. We hope to support this in a future update.
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